Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today... 
Tuesday, April 14, 2015, 10:40 am
Outside my window...
Everything is green, and wet after the rain,
more in the forecast and the skies are
overcast...it is 69 degrees and may 
reach 80 today...the nights have been
cool, I've turned the heat off,
  I see a female Cardinal, a Robin,
and the Chickadee... the
bees have been busy at the blooms on 
the ground cover...
Yesterday, Honey Bear brought home
3 baby chicks, he put them in a box 
inside a plastic tub with a light for warmth
and a cover over part of the top....all
of this was inside the garden shed....
This morning they were all gone but
nothing else was disturbed...I can't imagine
what kind of animal could do that
without causing some disturbance.
A Bible verse I'm sharing...
"You  made all the delicate, inner parts of
my body and knit me together in my 
mother's womb. Thank you for making me so
wonderfully complex!" Psalm 139:13,14
I love the entire chapter....this is 
where the sermon was taken from on
Sunday...we should never compare 
ourselves to others because we are
made unique in God's eyes..no one else is
like us...we are the work of the Master's hands.
I am thinking...
about all of the work waiting for me in
the bedroom...I pulled everything from the
floor of Honey Bear's closet this morning
and shampooed the carpet...I have to
clean everything before I put it 
back but I also need to sort the clothes
and discard some...
He has a shelving unit with baskets for the
small clothes, his luggage and hamper...
I need to wipe these down with soap and water.
I am thankful...
that I still have the energy to do these tasks..
that we live in such a wonderful 
area...that God answers prayers..
I am wearing...
a pink top with knit pants
I am creating...
paper pieced diamonds for one 
of the blocks for SAL
I am going...
to stay home all day today....
I am reading...
Don't Let me Go by Catherine
Ryan Hyde

I really like her books
I am hoping...
that the sun which just appeared outside
my window means the rain is gone for
In my garden...
the Iris are blooming
A song that stays on my mind...

In my kitchen...
leftover spinach, slaw, cornbread and fruit
I need to go in and put some beans
and corn on for Honey Bear's lunch and 
A favorite quote for today...
"Friendships formed between women are some of the
most magical on earth"....Mollie Moran
From my photo album...
the lighthouse on St. Simons Island
One of my favorite things...
spending time with the Princess

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  1. Good morning. Love to hear about all the birds that visit you. We are lucky if we get anything beyond the sparrows, Canada geese, and robins.

    God bless.

  2. What a lovely daybook entry ! I am a new grandma . Out little grand daughter is the highlight of my day! We like a lot of the same hobbies and by your weather you probably don't live too awful far from me . We are near Athens , GA .
    I am so sorry about your little chicks! That makes me sad that they are gone and you don't know how , where or why!
    I enjoyed visiting and hope you will continue to participate in the daybook . I think they are fun ! Blessings !

  3. I'll bet a racoon is what stole your baby chicks. They're smart and can be sneaky.
    I love St. Simon's Island, so, of course, I love your light house picture!

  4. That's sad about the baby chicks. Love the thoughts from Psalm 139.