Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wednesday Hodge Podge

1. What lesson has failure taught you?
We appreciate the Mountains more when we walk through the valleys.

2. What decision are you glad you made?
buying this house..........Honey Bear enjoys the large yard so much since he retired.

3. I've been a little bit surprised to see fully lit and decorated Christmas trees popping up for the past several weeks in friend's Instagram feeds. So tell the truth-is your tree up and decorated, and if so when did that happen? If not, when will you be decking the halls?
No, I'm still decorated for Fall and will be until after Thanksgiving Day.......then I'll put the tree up.......I don't see anything wrong with a tree and lights being up early but save the outside decorating for after Thanksgiving, please.
4. Solitaire-Poker-Rummy-Hearts-Go Fish-Old Maid...which game of cards would you most like to join? 
Rummy or Hand & Foot.....does anyone want to play Mexican Train Dominoes?

5. This question comes to you courtesy of a Facebook friend, who once upon a time had a blog...When you're feeling stressed do you snack a lot or are you more the 'can't eat' type? 
Mostly, I'll snack but if there is a death in the family, I'm usually hit with nausea and can't eat.
6.  Have you ever reviewed a product or service on line? Was your review favorable or less than favorable? 
Yes but only favorably

7. What was the best conversation you had yesterday? 
Since I've been in bed with pain in my back for two days, the best talk was how to get dinner cooked with Honey Bear doing most of the work. He follows directions well.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 
My son is home for R&R, at his home in Georgia, that is. I'm hoping he'll decide to drive over for Thanksgiving so I won't have to drive there. Its a 5 or 6 hour drive which I dread even when my back doesn't hurt.


  1. Hope your back feels better soon.

    God bless.

  2. I, too, hope your back feels better soon! I'm glad Honey Bear follows directions well :)

    In case I don't have a chance to tell you again before then, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  3. I am sorry your back is hurting - hope you're feeling better soon.

    I like Christmas but I don't want it to crowd out Thanksgiving. I like to decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving and we do now so my oldest son can help decorate the tree while he is here, but my husband would prefer to wait a couple fo weeks later.

  4. Love your answer for #1. I agree with #5, it really depends on what happened. I hope your son joins you for Thanksgiving :)

  5. Hello....I was very happy and pleased to see you had stopped by to visit with me. Although, I'm late getting around to visiting this week myself. As I posted yesterday, this'll be a busy, busy week.

    Your answer to #1...that could NOT be more perfect way of making a statement. Loved it.

  6. Hello my friend.... I have so missed talking to you. I am coming back to the blog.... Not leaving FB but not going to be there much.. So many good friends here in the blog and I sure miss them......... I wonder how you are doing....... How is your daughter....... Things here are good..... Things changing.. I think my younger son Chris has finally found his love...... Maybe a wedding in the Summer! He is building a house a few hundred yards from me.. We gave him 3 acres and he is building his shop this month and putting his house up for sale in Jan. It is going to be an interesting year.. Have a Merry Christmas and a New Year with health and family and friends....