Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Let's see what did I do yesterday....
     Honey Bear and I always cook breakfast together on Saturday morning....we enjoyed bacon, scrambled eggs, juice, toast for me-biscuits for him and coffee....I always have one cup of coffee prior to cooking breakfast.......He does the bread, sets the table and pours the juice....I scramble the eggs and cook the bacon...We say grace while holding hands and then as we eat, we look out the window at the flowers, the garden, the birds and whatever other wildlife happens to be hopping or scurrying around out there....
     I worked a little while in my studio.....attached the flap and lining onto the bag I'm making and then realized I had put the flap on the wrong side so I had to take out all of that stitching and do it over....Have I mentioned here that I hate do-overs?
     Honey Bear went out and worked some on the garden shed....He has the decking on the roof now and needed to make sure it was square and then place more nails in the is the shingles and then the walls....he is not in any hurry to finish and just works on it whenever he is in the mood.....Since most of the material for the shed was picked up on the curbside, it is costing very little to build....I'll show you photos soon....when he tired and sat down by the chicken tractor to rest, I carried out to him a glass of Gatorade.
     Meanwhile, back in the house, I cleaned the kitchen, made the bed, washed and dried his uniforms and then started in on some prep for dinner.....I sauteed the last of our squash with some onion and a little olive oil.....put a pot of peas on to simmer, made a Blackberry Cobbler and a bowl of slaw.....after Happy Hour, I baked some Parmesan Pork Chops....we also had fresh tomatoes and cornbread.
    After dinner, Honey Bear wanted to watch a documentary on Netflix.....It had been over a year since I'd used the Wii and the batteries in the remotes weren't charged so I had to borrow some from my camera....then it seemed my Netflix ab on Wii was outdated and updates had to be was 8:30 before we finally were ready to watch: Happy........I have to say here that we seldom turn on the television......I would kind of like to get a flat screen but since we watch it so seldom, I'm not sure we can justify the cost.....It sure would be nice to have one when we begin watching football every Saturday afternoon and evening.....we'll see....
      We decided we wouldn't go to church this morning and slept in until around 7:00 am......we've just been lazy since then....I did finish the bag and am ready to start on a couple of other projects that I have in mind before time for our annual Cultural Arts contest in September......
     Now, I'm contemplating whether the two of us should get in the car and go for a drive or just continue to laze around here the rest of the day....
     Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.......believe it or not, this makes 7 posts for me this week......incredible, I know.
Mama Bear


  1. It sounds like you are having a nice, relaxing weekend - good for you. I love to read about other people's weekend traditions, it makes this big wide world a little smaller and more personal.

    Hope to see pictures of your "work-in-progress" projects. It's so much fun to see what other people are working on, and new ideas for something that is in the "planning" stage.


  2. Sounds like you had a great day! Have a wonderful Sunday.

  3. Your weekend sounds awesome.

  4. Your weekend sounds nice, and a lot more relaxing than mine was! I'd hoped for a day at the beach, but it didn't happen. Instead, Ed and I went shopping for a new cd player, printer, and pitch fork!