Wednesday, April 3, 2013

No Wednesday Hodge Podge

Joyce is on break, Spring Break.... so no Hodge Podge this week. We had Spring Break last week here in Huntsville. I went to two movies: Admission on Monday with Movie Club and then Oz on Friday with Wonder Boy and his Mom. We messed around with getting advanced tickets to that one until Friday morning and so ended up sitting on the second row. Now normally I like to sit in the very back, way at the top of the theater seating and in the middle. There is extra leg room there and the screen is far enough away to be perfect. Not so on the second row, one almost has to crane ones neck back into an altogether uncomfortable position or look through the top on ones eye lashes to see the screen and then it is so close that some things just blur. But I enjoyed the film, anyway.

Easter Sunday was chilly, around 56 degrees when we left for church and then raining when church was over. We had a lovely lunch with Daughter and the children then napped.

Those pesky Pear Trees are about to lose all of their blooms and I hope this means I've skipped my annual Asthma attack which they cause every year.

Since there are no questions to answer for Hodge Podge, I invite you, my readers to submit a question you'd like answered about me or my blog. Yep, you can ask one question and if it isn't too terribly personal I'll answer them all here.
Have a good day,
Mama Bear


  1. I've heard Oz was good but haven't seen it yet.

    Hope the yearly asthma attack passes you by this year!

  2. I have allergies that act up this time of year too and as I have gotten older they do give me a run for it. I hope you get to by pass the asthma attack this year.
    Thank you for inviting us to ask a question.
    I have a brain that can get very busy and I start getting my fingers into too many pies so to speak and some times this has me feeling not very centered.Some days I like to think it called being diverse other times I just feel totally scattered.
    I enjoy the fact that your blog has the simple womans handbook diary.
    My question is:
    What would you credit as your most helpful tool for centering to appreciate a simple well lived life ?
    Thank You

  3. I like to seat at the end of a row. It's all in my head but if I'm in the middle I will have to pee!
    I saw Admission yesterday and heading out tomorrow to see Oz!

  4. Our preference is to sit on the end of a row in a we can exit quickly. LOL I want to see the OZ movie but will wait for a DVD.

    A question? Okay...what's your favorite dessert?

  5. I don't like sitting up close in a theater either! It makes my neck ache.

    My question, "What color are your chicks now?"