Thursday, April 4, 2013

Answers to your Questions.................

Its a raining day here again......

Yesterday I invited you to ask questions so I will try to answer them as best I can.....

First: Willow wrote: What would you credit as your most helpful tool for centering to appreciate a simple well lived life ?
I had to ask Honey Bear exactly what being centered meant.....He said to remain calm and unruffled in most circumstance......First off, I feel inner peace which I contribute to my faith....I do not like conflict or confrontation and would ideally want everyone around me to be happy and at peace, too. I like my home to reflect the comfort and hospitality which I wish to share with others and not look like a photo spread in a fancy magazine....I like to surround myself with the things that bring me pleasure: good books, good food, a view of nature.

Anni asked: A question? Okay...what's your favorite dessert?
I wish I could pick just one......I love cheesecake, key Lime Pie, Creme Brulee and I am more a fan of pound cake than cake with icing.

Kathy wanted to know: "What color are your chicks now?"
The chickens are 3.5 weeks old and are mostly the color of cream with a little gold tint except for the one who appears to be a rooster and he is white.  We didn't intend to have a rooster but you take what you get, I guess. They are certainly growing and seem to respond to my voice when I cluck like a hen.

Thanks for the interest.
Mama Bear


  1. You are a gal after my own heart.

  2. I so agree about the home, wanting it to look comfortable and hospitable and not like something from a magazine....though I do like looking at magazines (and now Pinterest) for inspiration. :-)

  3. Thank you for answering my questions. We live on a farm in a small 120 year old farm house and simple comforts of life and nature are also my pleasures.