Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook

From Mama Bear's Journal....
FOR TODAY...Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Outside my window...its 79°F, 26°C, supposed to reach 91 this afternoon with a 30% chance of a thunderstorm,the sun is shining, flowers are blooming and birds are singing. We had two good rains in the last few days so everything has perked up...we're getting Okra, Squash, and Butter beans from the garden...I'm just beginning to see some leaves changing color on the Maple Tree....Crepe Myrtles are still blooming...I see the little Hummingbird sitting on a tree limb guarding the feeder....I am so-o ready for Fall...

I am thinking...this is what they mean by "lazy days of summer" I certainly don't want to do anything

I am thankful...for produce from the garden...the wonderful sermon we heard on Sunday....days when I get to stay home....enough money to pay bills and still manage a meal out or a trip now and then....my wonderful followers here at Bears at Home

In the kitchen...we had vegetables for dinner last night and I'm thinking fish sandwiches and fries for dinner tonight...

I am wearing...polka dot capris and a white tank

I am creating... this cross stitch pattern which, I hope,
 will someday look like this

I finished binding this quilt and just need

to run the lint roller over it to remove loose strings and

 cat hair.

I've finished these blocks for the "My Favorite Things"

quilt and just need to prepare the patchwork
that goes in between

I am going...to stay home most of this week...

I am wondering...how much longer the heat of summer will last...

I am reading...These is my Words and Broken Chords

I am hoping...for inspiration on a new project

I am looking forward to...college football (September 1, Auburn-Clemson)

I am learning...to take each day as it comes

Around the house...the rooms could use some tidying

I am pondering...why my car insurance has gone up...

A favorite quote for today..."the heavens declare the glory of God" Psalm 19:1

One of my favorite things...looking out my window at God's creation

A few plans for the rest of the week:club meeting on Thursday night.....hopefully a day out with Daughter and Granddaughter...

From my photo file....
Honey Bear made this photo of our handsome Mr Toad...

credit for the creation of The Simple Woman's Daybook
 go to Peggy.


  1. Your cross stitch looks lovely. Is it a Paula Vaughn design?

  2. We're having fish and fries for supper too. :-) Jeff is giving me an off-week of cooking so he's planning the meals and doing the cooking himself.

    I'm looking forward to college football too. We've already planned our first trip to Auburn to see Jenna to coincide with a home football game.

    Glad things are still blooming and shining in your corner of our woods. Your garden sounds delicious.

  3. IT'S SNOWING IN JOHANNESBURG!! We don't get snow often, not real snow, so there's HUGE excitement! :) Love your cross stitch and quilting - such a talented lady! xx

  4. good to see some SKofW progress.......

  5. lots happening there.... I love the rich colours you have used in the quilt....

  6. You are talented and creative.

  7. Love the toad photo!!!! And the quilt...oh my. Such incredible work you do Ms. S. I know, as you know now....I've seen your handi-work and I KNOW it's incredible.

    You're so lucky to get rain. I'm hoping that this El Nino will finally get tired of this parallel and move on next year.

    Enjoyed reading what you have been up to these days. I would like to have some polka-dotted capris.

  8. Enjoyed your daybook. Cute frog! And those projects - WOW! - you do AMAZING work! Blessings!