Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Winner!

Margaret of The French Bear is the winner in my 100 Followers give away. I'll be sending off a gift to her in the next few days.
Our 4th of July was a quiet one. We spent it at home. I've been dealing with a little stomach upset so didn't feel like doing much. Praise God we had a little rain last night for the first time in 4+weeks. We both went out and stood it in for a couple of minutes. It didn't put a damper on fireworks, though, as we could clearly see the ones at the Space and Rocket Center from our bedroom window. We thought about driving out to the highway, pulling off and watching from there, however it was just too hot for that.
I know I've been MIA this week. I'll try to get a daybook post out later today.
Mama Bear


  1. Yay for winners! We didn't get a speck of rain out here at the camp. *sigh* Sooner or later, though, I imagine! I hope you're feeling better soon! :)

  2. Sorry you haven't been feeling up to par...hope you're back to normal soon.

    We stayed home this year, too. Neighbor had a ton of fireworks -- fun until one of them started five fires in our yard. Thankfully they had a fire extinguisher and hoses put out the rest. We'd had a bit of rain earlier in the week but really need more.

  3. I do hope you are feeling better, and have a bit of spark back.

  4. Love your scribble post below this!!! As for not posting much these days, I too have been lax ------- in visiting!!

    Glad you stopped by, and it's always good to hear you're getting some rain. We got about 1/4 inch on Monday...but the temps once again soared.

    Feel better.