Friday, July 13, 2012

Funny Friday

Good Friday morning
Wil here 
I'm busy getting ready to leave
for Camp Goodbear
so Lil Bear is going to share 
photos of his recent road trip with
Mama Bear

I spent most of my time at
the Galeria riding in either
the Princess' bag 

or in Mama Bear's bag
after all my legs are very short and
I would lave been so-o tired...
I did quite a bit of sitting around
looking pretty...
 in Bed, Bath & Beyond
this graduate teddy

in Pier One
with the smiley faces
in Clare's on
a silver chair with these
yellow fluffy thingies

among these at 
Cheesecake Factory

I wouldn't be Lil Bear
long with these around...

On comfy beds at the Winfrey
On giant backpacks....

With my friends from AU

a little too close to the Tiger's mouth
and getting ready to soar with the birds...
Whew, I'm worn out now
time for lots of naps...
Lil Bear


  1. Enjoy the nap
    I could do with one too!!!

    That cheesecake looks delish!

    Happy Weekend

    Fiona x

  2. Hi Lil Bear,

    Now don't be sad that Wil is leaving for camp. Maybe next year you can go with him.

    Keep exploring and taking pictures.


  3. What a exhausting time Ted had! Just as well his Mama was there to help! lol

  4. My you did do a lot of fun things. That cheese cake shop looked good to me. I think I would have stayed there.
    Hugs Wilbur

  5. Wow, I bet you were really tired.

  6. Meeting other friends and having a day , must make up for camp outing --- that was yes I heard ah! good.

  7. Wow -- Lil' Bear stays busy, busy!! Looks like he had a very fun time!!! :)

  8. It looks like Lil Bear had a big day. Lots to see and do and with Wil at camp there's going to be more alone time with Mama Bear.

  9. Just a quick hello from me
    hope all is well in your corner of the world.


  10. The soaring with the birds/statue is my favorite, but I do like having your peeking out of the bags too. Darned cute! Oh the cheesecake of each please!!!!

    1. ps...your dinner for today sounds heavenly. Meat loaf and mashed potatoes. Yum.