Monday, March 26, 2012

Meet Me On Monday

Monday Morning has rolled around once again....
Time for MMOM with Heather
1. What movie or movies do you have to watch when they are on TV? (submitted by@rndmcrftyGAgrl)

Can't think of a single one...
2. When you have out of town visitors, what fun places do you take them to in your town?  (Or where do you play tourist in your own town?)
There's a little catfish cafe off the beaten path with no frills where we like to go when we're in the mood for some fried catfish....Our Botanical Gardens is a good spot for a picnic....then there's the Space & Rocket Center but we usually let visitors go there on their own.
3. What was the first album, CD, Download you ever bought?
I'm sure you didn't mean for me to go back to when I was a young woman and my music came on a vinyl record so we'll say the first CD....when we moved to Pittsburgh, I had sold my stereo in a yard sale, I still had a cassette tape player but hadn't graduated to CDs. On New Year's Eve, Honey Bear and I went to Walmart and bought a boom box (a floor model that was reduced)...we bought a few bargain CDs of instrumental music to listen to right away: Richard Clayderman on the Piano, and some classics music as well. And for a while, I bought sound tracks mostly: Titanic, Mission Imposssible, Sleepless in Seattle, Philadelphia, to name a few....I still listen to that boom box in the studio when I'm working there (18 years later)...I listen to Country mostly, now.
4. Do you speak more than one language and which ones?  If not, what language would you like to know?
No, although, I learned enough Spanish to get my point across to wait staff, etc when in Costa Rica...I suppose Spanish would be my choice if I had the opportunity as we seem to have an increasing population in the states, who only speak that language. When Wonder Boy was in preschool, I learned to count and name our family relations in Spanish.....then there's the language of love which I speak with Honey Bear.....we finish each other's sentences these days.
5. What is your dream job?
the one I have now.....I'm my own boss....I follow my own schedule


  1. Of course we want to know all about your first vinyl! I've gotten to the place where I let visitors go most places by themselves around here too. The novelty wore off years ago. But I do enjoy people watching downtown!

  2. I would have to say It's a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th St. even though I have them on DVD. Since I have movies playing while I blog on my computer I find that I now purchase a lot of soundtracks to movies.

  3. I want to learn Spanish. I've been leaning on my niece, who is almost fluent in Spanish now.

  4. Aren't we something to have watched music progress from records, to cassettes, to cd's? I haven't gotten into the MP3 player yet!

    Have a great week!