Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday This And That

Good Morning
Its Saturday, all day yesterday, I was thinking that today would be Sunday.
I set out the pumpkin for perhaps the 5th time since before Thanksgiving, planning
to make Pumpkin thing led to another and I never got around
to it...this morning, when made breakfast, I set out all the ingredients for Pumpkin
Bread so I'm making progress. Hopefully, today is the day.....I have several
kinds of Cookies to make for Christmas. 
I am participating in a Cookie Swap next Saturday.
I don't want to make them too soon because they need to be fresh.
 Perhaps, I could go ahead and bake and just refrigerate them.
What do you think?

I had several photos in my folder that I wanted to share.
First, this is what I sent in my last package to Wendy,
my Secret Santa Sack partner. I mailed them
before Thanksgiving and they have yet to arrive.
What's up with that?
Anyway, this is just one of the things I'm stressed about.

This is a gift wrapping demo from the Holiday Bonanza I attended
a few weeks ago....the demonstrator owns a florist,
not only is he very talented but he is a humorous 

And I know I mentioned before Thanksgiving that the Princess
and I were working on a puzzle. This is it.
We'll probably start another one once the house is back in order after New Years.

Here is my Nativity.
This year, I put it in the kitchen hutch because
I'm going to have lots of family here
on Christmas Day and 
didn't want it to get knocked over and broken.
I know, I have Baby Jesus in the manger
already. I tried waiting until Christmas Eve one
year and forgot altogether so He goes in
there in the beginning.

This is a photo of the front of the house that I made
last night. We just put the lights up yesterday.
Notice all of the moons floating around...

Oops! Someone left a strand of lights on the chair.

In November when I attended the Christian Women's Luncheon,
this was the centerpiece and I wanted you to see how 
clever someone is.
She just removed the labels from wine bottles, sprayed them different colors, 
tied ribbons around them, stuffed them with flowers, gathered a scarf 
and some beads and Wow.

That's it, just a random collection of photos...
On my to-do list today: Bake Pumpkin Bread
Make Crockpot Chicken & Dumplings
Mix and Chill some Cookie Dough
Clean the Kitchen
Work on tidying the studio/dining room
Put away the Christmas Decor Boxes
Wrap some Presents
Prepare some packages for mailing
Find time for a Walk
......etc. etc. etc.


  1. Love that simple centerpiece!

    Your decorations look great.

  2. Hi Wil's Mom,

    What bee-u-tee-ful pictures. I have a suggestion on mailing. Mom mailed a package to Canada last year (USPS) and it took 2 weeks to get there. This year Dad took a package (Canada again) to work and shipping mailed it UPS - 3 days and then customs had it for a few days. was speedy, insured for $100. (free) and I think it's a great way to ship.

    The cookies - is Wil helping? You do need a cookie taster, right? Giggle.

    Have a wonderful December Saturday.

    Heaps of Hugs

  3. Busy, busy, busy! It's beginning to look a whole lot like Christmas at your house. . .

    The wine bottle centerpiece is unique!

    Bake your cookies and freeze them but put a layer of foil between. Use a plastic container for them. Let thaw the day before you need them on racks so the moisture gathered can disappear.

  4. I freeze cookies and as Paulie said thaw them the day before, they taste fresh baked. Hope the aroma of pumpkin bread is filling your kitchen.

  5. I would like to be at your house to smell the pumpkin bread cooking. May be I could taste it with peanut butter on top.Wil do you get to taste?
    Thanks for the grate pictures.I love the lights outside your house.

  6. I love your nativity scene - it makes we want to find one too :)

  7. Your Nativity scene is beautiful! I have one which my Mum bought for Stacey's first Christmas! I'll have to find a new one as that will go with her when she decides to move into her own home!

  8. Love all your home decorations and just the thought of the pumpkin bread baking and making the whole house have that fragrance of 'home'...just makes me drool.

    As for the cookies? I would've made them, baked them, and froze them to bring 'em out at the time for swapping.

    Crypt Shadows in New Orleans Cemetery

  9. Gosh, you were busy, busy!! Love your pretty nativity set! And that centerpiece was brilliant! How much of your to-do list got finished?!? Have a great week!! :)

  10. Hi Sammie, so sorry that you are stressed about the package not arriving....still not here, I guess it may be taking the scenic route....hugs, Wendy

  11. Fingers crossed that the package arrives xxx. Also how beautiful are the gifts you wrapped..WOW! Your family/friends are lucky to be receiving them. They look wonderful! Very clever too! :)
    Merry Christmas...