Friday, December 2, 2011

Funny Friday

Good morning, everybear
Wil Here
Can you believe its Friday again?
We have no Christmas tree..
O Christmas Tree...
I keep asking Mama when we're putting up
the tree....she keeps telling me she's too
busy right now...I asked could we Bears
do anything to help, like put up the 
tree or maybe bring in all of the
decorations from storage...but 
she says, "Not Now, Wil"
Do you have your Christmas tree up?
Its the 2nd day of December already, guys...
What's going on at your house?
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree


  1. Well, little guy. Our tree isn't up yet either. But with any luck maybe Sunday will be the day. Between finishing getting gifts ready to mail and art class, there just hasn't been time. But it will happen.

  2. Oh Will, we don't put up our Christmas tree until the first Saturday in December, at the earliest, so ours isn't up either (but it *will* be tomorrow)! Of course, we keep our tree and decorations up until the first Saturday after Epiphany, so it works out in the long run! :)

  3. Putting up our tree this weekend, love you.

  4. Oh Wil,

    Come on over and stay here. We have enough Christmas trees for the whole world. Honest. I live with the Christmas tree maniac. Really.

    Maybe if you ask realllllly nice, sweet, big sad eyes your Mom will cave in. It works - trust me. Something called "guilt". Giggle.


  5. Still working on Christmas trees here. Two decorated, one to go.
    I'm questioning myself this year...why 3 trees???

  6. My Christmas tree is up all year. Usually the day after Thanksgiving, all the ornaments get dusted but not this year. . . the lights are on only when I am home during the month of December or when soemone new comes to visit me any month.

    Hope you get your tree soon so you can enjoy it longer!

  7. OK Wil, do you know the art of pester power. Well it works. Just keep pestering and eventually she will give in. Granny says it is aching work getting it all out, then she thinks of how many times she needs to go up the ladder to put it away.

  8. Dear Wil,
    We told our mom that we needed to have 6 trees and we would be happy. Then we said that 4 would be alright if 6 were too many for her to handle. Now we tell her that 2 would do but she'd better hurry. Wendy says this is the first time in forever that the decorating didn't start the day after Thanksgiving. We're getting worried. Still no trees not even one. If she doesn't get at least one up and decorated today we're going to go somewhere there are plenty of trees like maybe Prudence's house. Just keep pestering your mom like we are and we'll see who gets a tree first.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  9. Awwwwwwwwwww, such a sweet, sweet post!! I do hope that Wil will have his dream tree up and ready for the day real soon.

    So cute.

    My Sunday Blog post link is: If a Tree Falls in the Swamp -do you hear it?

    Hope you're having a glorious day!!

  10. I hope the bears got their wish of a tree up!! Happy decorating!!