Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

from my daybook....
Outside my is actually a little cooler this morning, 75 degrees, 24 C., the humidity is at 64% though and it is expected to reach 95. Another hot day....not much activity outside my window. I wonder where are all the Squirrels and the Birds....where is Rabbit? Well the feeder is empty again so that might explain.
Hearing...the fans but mostly its quiet
I am thinking...about tasks that need my attention
Feeling thankful for...the promise of changing seasons...that Honey Bear found a new stove for less than $1000....that we can enjoy wild life outside our door....the ability to learn new things.....silence
I am remembering...the coupon class yesterday and wondering if I can learn to do that...those girls said they spend only $50 at the grocery store each week.
Creating this...I'm almost finished with the studio and I am going to like it much better now that it is better organized....I plan to work on my journal today...
I am currently reading...Still reading "Ford County" a collection of short stories....and reading your blogs..trying to catch up with you...just finished reading "Willard" on Susan Branch's site.
One year ago today...We were having a little taste of Fall...I was reading, Custody of State by Craig Parshell....working on scrapbook pages...planning on attending a family reunion on the club had just done a card workshop for Operation Write Home.
I am hoping...for a little rain....we had a shower on Saturday but it wasn't enough to water the plants or wash the porch
On my mind...just lost my internet connection, wonder what that's about.
Noticing that...the week flies by when Honey Bear takes Monday it is Wednesday already and I've gotten nothing much done....Yesterday we had a coupon workshop, afterward I went to Michael's to have my cross stitch framed and buy a few more decorative boxes....I only managed to get the vacuuming done here at home
Pondering these words..."I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." Jorge Borges
From the kitchen...Last night, I had a wonderful salad with leftover barbecue pork and even the last of the fried Okra plus some dried cranberries, cheese and red pepper (it was delish), Monday night I made Chicken Quesadillas and have one left for dinner tonight....the dishwasher is filled with clean dishes, the counters are untidy and I need to clean spots off of a cushion 
Around the house...still some clutter to clear up, laundry to do....need to make some business calls and write a note to a member who missed our meeting.....later today I'll need to water flowers and veggies as well as pick Okra and tomatoes....and I must fill the feeders...find time to do my Bible study homework......and I would like to do grocery shopping since I qualify for Senior discount on Wednesdays (generally I shop at the end of the week)
Last Friday, my elderly neighbor dropped by to tell me she had someone try to break into her house while away at Bible Study on Wednesday. I've been uneasy at night this week because of that....and then I have to remember that my Heavenly Father said I should lie down in Peace because he is here to watch over comforting.
I am praying for...Denise (Shortbear), Rain for Oklahoma & Texas, Cee Kay, Val's husband, Karlene, Jim and others
A few plans for the know that next week is one of my busiest each quarter as I have both the county board and the council meetings and I've added Bible study and a hair appointment so there won't be too much time at home.....I need to get caught up on things here this week....
Our county wide card workshop was a success...we made all but 150 of the 911 cards on Saturday so we're having a small workshop tomorrow to finish them up.....then Friday I'll spend the day with my Daughter...we're not seeing much of each other now since school has started....we have to make a date each week to be together.....Last week, we saw "The Help"....I thought it was very good and they did a super job of adapting the book to a movie.
.....I have been tracking my food intake now for 3 weeks and have lost another 6 is slow going but I am sticking with it...already I can tell a different in the way my clothes fit....and I feel so much better.
One of my favorite things...Fall picnics...I can hardly wait
From my picture file...
Gazebo at the Botanical Garden
I need to visit there soon.
I suppose this could qualify as my Outdoor Wednesday post because of the photo......and Daybook is hosted by Peggy.
I know I haven't been blogging much lately...I promise to do better.


  1. Congrats on losing 6 lbs.! I need to track my food as well. Exercising helps but not as much as I think it should, so I need to work on that end.

    I've been amazed at what people do with couponing, too. A lady spoke to our ladies' group about it last year. I need to put more effort into it.

  2. Good job on losing more weight!! Just over a month ago I started watching what I eat and have lost 14 pounds so far so I hope I can continue that way until I've lost all I want to lose:-) It's so much easier putting it on than losing it, isn't it!! lol

    Couponing is really getting popular around here as well and it's just amazing how much a person can save on their shopping bills. I use them once in a while but should really make more of an effort!!

    I do hope you get to meet up with your daughter this week, I try to see my mom at least once a week as well:-) xoxo

  3. I'm reading Ford County, too, right now. I'm still on the first story. I don't usually like short stories, but my brother gave this book to me, so I thought I'd try it.

  4. 6 lbs.? Wow. That is great. I love hearing about your days. You are a busy woman! And thanks for the reminder about the bird feeders! Mine are empty too! Have a wonderful blessed day today.

  5. Sounds like you are too busy to blog! But it's fun to keep at it anyway, isn't it?
    You're doing great with the weight loss ~ Perhaps if I *had* to write down what I eat, I would eat less too?
    I usually say a cheerful No Thanks to those trying to sell me newspapers just for the coupons. Most coupons are for food (or, food-like products) I shouldn't buy. So the savings isn't always worth the health-related cost. (Just a thought for you before you feel guilty for not using coupons) =)

    I appreciate your frequent comments at my blog!
    God bless you, Mama Bear ~ ♥ ~

  6. You go girl!!! Six pounds off the body is a GOOD Thing!!

    Good news and some MORE good news is my Friday post. Hope your weekend goes smoothly!!!

  7. I’m excited that fall is in the air too. Not so noticeable during the days yet, but the nights are definitely a little cooler. I love that.

    I appreciate the Jorge Borges quote about paradise and libraries. :-)

    Praying you don’t have any intruders into your home!

    We saw The Help on Friday. I loved it too. Congrats on losing another 6 pounds! Wow!