Friday, August 12, 2011

Funny Friday

Good Morning, Wil here
and it really is Funny Friday here
at our home.
Mama Bear has moved everything
out of three rooms.
Which means, the
rest of our Bear family are 
banished to closets and other
She says she's having the carpet
cleaned today.
And that we might as well
make some changes in
our decor while
everything is topsy
Do you remember James?
I introduced him to you all
when I first started my blog posts.
Well, one day we were fooling around
and he tried on my glasses
and found out he could see
oh, so much better.
Mom got a pair of Wonder Boy's 
which had been outgrown
years ago. That boy doesn't
even wear glasses anymore.

Doesn't James look distinquished
sitting back there. He was 
commissioned to celebrate
100 years of Teddy Bears
He said sometimes he feels 100 himself.
In other news from the Bear front,
Lil Bear has a little red wagon to 
ride around in when he can talk
some other bear into pulling him.
Mom found it at the thrift store.
And she made him a necklace with a 
cross on it to show we're
all followers of
That's all for this week.
Hey, I heard that Prudence 
and Sissy are home from
Summer camp. Go
over and welcome them home.
And our friend, Sebastian, is
off on an adventure.


  1. Well, you bears behave yourself while the carpets are cleaned!! You will like it when it is done!!

  2. Hi Wil,

    Hey, it's a pleasure meeting the rest of the "hug". Yes, eyeglasses do make us look very "worldly", to say the least.

    It's great to be home. LuLu & Sissy won't leave me alone, they are hanging on my leg so I just drag them around on the floor. (o:

    Don't let the carpet guys get you wet with shampoo, ugh!

    Have a fun weekend, and give hugs to your Mom and the hug from me. Talk to ya next Friday.

    Heaps of Hugs

    Poor Sissy is so tired she is still in her jammies and sound asleep.

  3. I love the glasses and the little red wagon! I love getting the carpets shampooed, too!!!

  4. So cute! Cleaning carpets -- it is on my list :) Have a fabulous day!

  5. Awwww he looks so handsome and distinguished with his new glasses:-) That little red wagon is just adorable and I'm sure all the bears are asking you for a ride in it!!

    Not having any more carpets in the house, I don't have to worry about having them shampooed and I sure don't miss it! lol Good luck with your redecorating:-) xoxo