Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday This and That

Hello all,
I know I've been MIA this week but everything is fine here. Its just been busy. I have made plans to go to Memphis next week for 4 full days so I've been gearing up for that. Finally, got back to tracking my food. Yesterday, I chopped up some tomato and cucumber, added a small pouch of water packed tuna and served it all to myself with 6 Fat Free whole grain crackers.....only 2 points for lunch. This was good since I went to eat dinner at church where there was Chicken Casserole over rice, green beans, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. The most difficult part of the first week on WW for me is going to sleep when I go to bed. Did you know that all that unhealthy eating and snacking is like a drug? When I stop eating at dinner, by bedtime, I'm hungry. No worry, it will all settle down after the first couple of weeks.
Last week, we didn't see the Red Headed Woodpeckers at all after they came to the feeder on the weekend with their offspring. We thought maybe they'd migrated already. Then on Saturday, we saw the adult catching insects and feeding the wee ones in the pine tree out back.

We had another workshop on Tuesday to get ready for our County Wide Card Workshop. We now have all 911 card kits ready to go. There will be a little trimming on some of them but mostly just some gluing. The supplies for each card plus a photo of the finished look and all instructions are in a zip lock bag. I hope we have a good turn out for this event.

I picked up the Princess on my way home that day and she  finished her patchwork basket. The lining was a little large for the basket but she did a fantastic job. I was so proud of her. I did some stitching on my TTS blocks while she was at the sewing machine. I am almost finished with the embroidery and will begin putting it all together soon.
Yesterday, I worked on two Pinwheel table runners. I finished the blocks for both. I followed Fiona's tutorial here. She is an awesome instructor.
Late today:
 I had to take Wonder Boy to his Orthodontist appointment so I didn't get to finish this post earlier. We were only there for a few minutes. The Princess went with us. I called and asked their Dad if I had time to have lunch with them before he left for their vacation near Atlanta. He said sure so we went to my favorite place for Chicken Tenders, O'Charley's. We had to wait awhile for them to open but it wasn't too hot with the doors and windows open in the van and I got to chat with both of them. I spend much more time with her than with him so this was a treat. The restaurant opens at 11:00 but we were able to go in a few minutes early so we were finished by 11:30. I had broccoli with my chicken and no rolls.
While we were sitting there, I made a date with him for dinner the week before school starts.

So, now I'm home, don't want to do anything. Are you like that? I am going to do a little embroidery and hopefully finish this wreath so I can go put the 5 blocks together.

Discovered another blogger in my area this morning and she's a quilter, too.
Tomorrow, I have to go walk two dogs in the afternoon, Yoshi and Gloria. My daughter is keeping Gloria for a friend. I'll wait until then to go to the grocery store.
Hopefully, I'll be back on schedule next week.
Mama Bear


  1. We have some woodpeckers in our neighborhood too, but they wake us up very early in the morning when search the nearby telephone poles for their morning breakfasts!

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by That Old House today -- and I laughed out loud at your cat wondering where the DOG was, while you played the little video of our sometimes-noisy Dion.

    Don't our pets just add so many laughs to our lives?

  3. Sounds like a busy time! The card kits sound neat. So glad you got some time with both grandkids this week.

  4. I feel like doing nothing most days! You have been very busy. Best of luck with WW. Have a great time in Memphis.

  5. It was good to hear what you've been doing these days. Busy is good sometimes!

    Great marital advice that you left on my blog. Brad reads my comments so I'm sure he'll read it.

    Please do share those crockpot recipes whenever you have time. My daughter loves crockpot cooking!

    Enjoy your trip to Memphis!

  6. Sammi, I know how hard it is to watch your weight. I'm doing the same and have lost 6 lbs. this month from just watching my diet. Your cucumber tomatoes and tuna sounds like something I would enjoy. I'm going to try that. I've been eating a lot of berries, watermelon and other fruits and vegetables. My favorite. I'm not going to WW, but am watching my calorie intake.

    Enjoy the woodpeckers. We have one in this area that tap-tap-taps early in the morning. I enjoy watching him. He is a hairy woodpecker.

    If you have a chance, stop by my blog. It's titled Playing with a Robin.

    Take care and good luck with your WW.


  7. Hi! I'm also sorry we couldn't make connections while I was there! I had planned to call again, but the battery went dead on our van and we spent all that time waiting on AAA, etc. I never did go to Hobby Lobby there!


  8. I am begining to think summer was a long distant memory and then your summery blog wakes me up and says " count the days" Summer is up the road a bit. A trip to Memphis sonds exciting.

  9. Busy as usual. . . I haven't worked on any sewing lately. Just found out my left eye has a cataract and it will be a couple weeks before my appointment to remove it. Meanwhile the County Fair is starting next Friday and I plan to go the opening day when the Beach Boys will entertain.