Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...Its 78 °F, (26 °C) expected to reach 95 today with a heat index of 99....we've had a few days of lower humidity and temperatures in the 80s but looks like that was brief....the sun is shinning...the Hummingbird and seed feeders both look empty....We saw the baby Red Headed Woodpecker for the first time this weekend....Also, Butterflies! While my sister was visiting she commented that last year we had lots of Butterflies when she was here but none this year....well they were just a week late because now they're here.  
Hearing...only the AC
I am thinking...about Honey Bear's imminent retirement..they have hired his replacement finally
Feeling thankful for...answered prayers...we closed on Daughter's house late Friday afternoon and believe me, getting everything approved and ready went right down to the wire...it was so stressful..the closing was set for 4:00 and at 2:30 we still did not know the amount for closing..we decided to go on to the bank and wait so that we'd save time...it was after 3:00 before we heard and then we barely made it to the lawyer's office on time.
She had 10 friends from church show up to help move at 7am and they had moved all of the furniture and most of the boxes by 9:00.
I am remembering...Yesterday, Daughter and I loaded both our vehicles with clothes and other things and moved those to her house...we moved the Princess's bed, her Dad will buy her another one for his house..
Creating this... this is the Princess modeling the completed prayer shawl

The puzzle we put together the 
week my sister visited

I am currently reading...Beach Trip by Cathy Holton...there hasn't been much time for reading lately
One year ago today...it was hot...I was working on the genealogy scrapbooks and Gardener's Journal...reading: The Day the Falls Stood Still by Cathy Marie Buchanan...planning to see 
"The Sorcerer's Apprentices" with the 'grands'...remembering that July 2005 was Mother's Home going... 
I am hoping...to do some work in the studio today after I go pick up the Princess and she and I go to Walmart..she is making a patchwork basket...I am working on a table runner
On my mind...Honey Bear and I sat down together and worked out a budget for retirement(on Sunday)..our monthly income will be less than half of what it is now so some items we spend money on now will have to be cut out...it will be challenging but we will be all right...I will have to take out some medical insurance for myself, he will have medicare but will need a supplement..Our county club is having a coupon workshop next month and I hope to learn some ways to cut food costs.....Also, my club is having its annual salad luncheon Thursday, I'm giving the program this month plus I'm President and had to plan the business agenda so I've been working on all of that......getting through here so I can get ready to leave by 10:00
Noticing that...I'm not following my food plan or exercising......some of my fingernails got broken during the move and I need to shape all of them up.
Pondering these words."One of the most satisfying feelings--more satisfying than the temptation itself is when one can say, ’I could have, but I didn’t!" ..
From the kitchen....I made the Chicken Salad Brunch Ring on Sunday(recipe here)so here are the photos I promised....First: the way I layout the
crescent rolls on the
pizza stone and add
scoops of the Chicken

you do that evenly all the way
around then
second: is a photo
after I've folded them over and
tucked them in...
ready for the oven...
Last night, I made dinner for Daughter...we had baked Talapia, Long Grain & Wild Rice, Green Beans, and some leftover okra & squash...she brought Strawberry shortcake for dessert.
Around the house...Smokey is asleep in the chair beside me, the bed is made, the floors vacuumed, the kitchen is tidy....there are at least two more loads of laundry to do and one load to fold up...a few pieces of ironing, also
I am praying for...my Uncle Tommy who recently had a hospital stay, cousins Rita & Bynum, Kayren, My family...myself
A few plans for the week...Spend day with the Princess, Walmart today...Hair appointment tomorrow, then lunch with my friend, Rene, later prepare food for Thursday's luncheon, fellowship dinner at Church....Club meeting and lunch on Thursday...Hopefully spend some time creating
One of my favorite things...sitting by the pond with Honey Bear and watching the fish...we have 12-15 young fry and they are changing color now from the brown of birth to whatever color they'll be..interesting to see 
From my picture file..Adult and Baby Red Headed Woodpecker
I'm linking up with Peggy and all the other daybookers as we  take the time to really think through what is going on around them and reflect on the simple things of life.....she has something new coming: Daybook Bingo...can't wait to figure out what that is.


  1. My bears, like yours, some of them need glasses! I love seeing all your little furry friends sitting around! And that recipe for the chicken salad in the dough ring -- how clever!!!!

  2. You'll love retirement. We went to a much smaller income has well and yet found out that we can still live very comfortably on what is coming into our home. Best Wishes for some wonderful years ahead. Hugs

  3. Lots going on in your life. The prayer shawl looks nice but I could not see if it was shaped in a triangle. . . The dough wreath looked scrumptious. Good luck and blessings on hubby's retirement!

  4. I'm so glad things worked out for your daughter. I'm sure that was stressful--cutting things so close!

    Wishing you and hubby well as he embarks on retirement. We'll be there in a couple more years...and I'll be looking for money-saving tips!

  5. That's a cute puzzle. Our closing was similar -- didn't get a final total from the bank until way late. Why do they do that?!

    Glad your daughter had so much help moving.

    Retirement will definitely be a new way of life.