Friday, July 1, 2011

Funny Friday

Hello everyone(Bears)
Wil here 
with my Funny Friday 
Mama Bear went on her
annual camping
trip with Daughter
and Granddaughter
to Nashville, Tennessee
Their version of 
camping is to shop til you drop 
then spend the night 
in a nice
Mama decided 
Little Bear
and photograph
his experience.
He rode on the dash of the car

And going
caught a ride in
Mama's Bag
at the 

found a furry friend

Enjoyed the compfy beds at the Marriot.

and the sofa in Mama's favorite

Even checked out the hot tub
Oooh, that water was hot!

Notice there's no food in these
He said he enjoyed the Honey Mustard from

A big shout out to
Thanks for sending photos back from 
Camp Good Bear.
Maybe next year, I'll join you guys.


  1. Hi Wil,

    You were left behind? Oh Wil, you poor little guy. When Prudence gets back from camp she will give you some pointers on how not to have that happen again.

    Tell your Mom I have the applications for Camp Good Bear and can send one for next year. They are taking reservations, and believe it or not - Prudence & Sissy have been invited back.

    Happy 4th of July weekend. Don't forget to put honey & peanut butter on your corn-on-the-cob.

    Big hugs, sweet bear.

  2. Welllllllllll did that sweet bear have a good time or what!!!!

    Have a great weekend girl........ we are not planning anything this year..... Tomorrow is one year losing Dad so my sweet husband thought it would be better for me to take a long drive and just stop here and there at flea markets instead of having a house full of people. We will see.. It is still so hot here.... even too hot to be out by the pool till later in the evening........ Have a good time with your family girl.........

  3. Looks like a fun trip! Sorry you missed it Will.

  4. Mama Bear, thanks for catching up and leaving comments on my blog.

    In answer to your question, no, the preacher who maried Brad and Jenn wasn't our pastor. He is Jennifer's pastor, and now Brad's since he's started going to church with her now.

    How exciting that you have baby fish! Our water stays green during the summer, so we won't see our babies until the fall when it clears back up. Do you treat for algae? I don't because we have cats and dogs drinking from the pond.

  5. I loved all the photos and commentary. It reminds me a little of Flat Stanley!

  6. What a delightful pleasure this post is. I love the 'coming and going' photos!!!

    It's always a pleasure for me that you take time to stop by and leave your wonderful comments!!

    Holiday Weekend Shadows is my link. Hope your day is treating you well!!!!

  7. Cute, cute cute post!! Glad you had a good time!

  8. Hay,

    What a lovely blog.
    I follow your blog.
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  9. Hay,

    What a lovely blog.
    I follow your blog.
    Please take a look into my world.