Friday, June 17, 2011

Funny Friday

Good morning, everybear
Wil here with my Funny Friday
Mama is sitting with her knee propped 
up on pillows after her fall
yesterday. It looks much better
today than it did last night.
She went on a field trip with 
8 or 9 friends to a nearby
town, Hartselle.
They have lots of antique shops
there, whatever that is.
she said she saw lots of furry 
friends but didn't bring any home.

They had lunch at Freight House, a building that began its life as a train depot. The 
building has lots of character.
Silly Mama, left her camera at
home so she took these few 
with her cell phone.
Me and my Bear Buddies are watching
water fall from the sky...
Mama says its rain
but it has been so long since
we had any that we forgot 
what it looked like.
Mama says she's going to start
taking one of us with her on her
adventures and make photos to
share here like the ones of our
friend, Sebastian over at Bearbits.
I hope she picks me but I imagine 
she'll choose someone a bit smaller
so they won't be quite 
as conspicuous.
Hello to Prudence and Sissy over
at The Bears blog, they are off 
at camp on an adventure. I
wish I'd made them promise
to write while they were away.
Today we met D.B. at their Blog and heard
his amazing story. 
And I mustn't forget the furbunnies
Thanks to all of you who read
my Friday posts and leave me comments.
It makes me feel like you're
giving me a big bear hug. 


  1. Wil, I always look forward to your posts:-) You tell your Mama to take good care of herself, that "ouchie" on her knee looks painful!! It does sound like she had a wonderful time with her friends and I would have loved to have been there with them to explore those antique shops. I hope she does pick you, dear Wil, to bring along on her next excursion:-) xoxo

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your fall! Take care of yourself!x

  3. Hi Wil,

    Take good care of Mama Bear. Make sure she ices that knee and give her lots of honey & peanut butter.

    Prudence & Sissy are sending pictures and I will post them next Friday. They send their love and miss you.


  4. Hope your Mama's knee heals quickly. It looks painful. Rain? I'm not sure what that is either. ;-) Glad to see a few drops this morning anyway!

  5. Poor Mama... I hope you are doing lots of organising of other people to help out so mama can rest her leg!

  6. This is so cute. But I sure hope the knee is better!

  7. Oh dear! Ouch, ouch, ouch! Hope your knee is better today. Good luck with choosing a blogger bear. Heed my words. Try to choose someone who is demure, humble, quiet, and thoughtful. Trust me.