Friday, June 10, 2011

Funny Friday

Hi All,
Wil here
Can you believe its Friday
I've hardly seen Mama all
week. She's been so 
And it has been so hot
outside. Not that I've been outside
myself but I've heard rumors.
I can see the grass in the backyard
is very dry. We need some rain.
Speaking of hot, if it wasn't
for AC, I'd have to become
a Polar Bear and live in the
water to stay cool...sometimes
its such a bother to wear a 
fur coat all the time.
*Please stop by and visit my friends 
at The Bear's Blog..its their 
blogaversary and they're 
having a give away.
Happy Weekend everyone.


  1. Hi Will,

    The bears here are counting the days till fall arrives.

    Well, thank you very much for the fan fare. What a sweet teddy bear you are.

    Big hugs to you and your Momma.

  2. Will it comfort you to know that you are not alone with your steamy hot weather? Everyone here keeps wondering if this is June what is August going to be like? I am hoping that instead of even more heat and humidity August will be like Spring! Yes, I am that optimistic!


    PS Sebastian would drop in himself to tell you hi but he is busy looking for some lemonade. He says to tell you hello for him!

  3. We had two days of extreme heat and humidity and then it turned colder again, some areas even had frost!! I heard on the news about the heatwave going on in your corner of the world, I think I'd be melted just about now! lol

    Thank you, Will, for such a delightful post, say hi to your momma for me:-) xoxo

  4. Well, I for one amd glad it is not raining again. . . and our weather is warming up but not so hot as yours.

  5. Thanks for the smile, love you. This is Denise

  6. Our grass is brown and dry, too--and the weather is HOT! Tell your busy mom I said "hello" :)

  7. Wil if you were a Koala (who everyone calls a bear but is not really a bear )you could
    live in a variety of weather types, as long as there is a bountiful supply of Euculypt leaves around.Koalas inhabit cooler areas of southern Australia, like Victoria. Koalas from the southern areas have thicker fur than northern koalas. In hot weather, koalas expend little energy anyway,they sleep all day up high in a gum tree, so they do not suffer from moisture loss. So enjoy the A.C. as winter for you will come round soon enough.