Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday/Wednesday Hodgepodge

I am joining Susan for:
Outdoor Wednesday #116

At our home in Memphis, we had an arbor over the front entrance where Carolina Jasmine grew....When we were getting ready to move here, Honey Bear dug up a few sprigs and potted them....they grew in the pot until the next Spring when he built this fake fence outside our bedroom window....It was to block the view of our neighbor's drive and to give us a place to put the Jasmine....He planted it there and that was two years ago..This is the first year it has really looked this good in bloom....I took the first few photos at the beginning of March and the last two on Thursday of last week.

It is covered in clusters of blooms like this.

Joining Joyce for:
Wednesday Hodgepodge foolishness
volume 20
1. April rolls in at the end of this week and in celebration of that infamous date (April 1) answer this question-what is something foolish you've done? 
trusted the wrong person
2. With April comes Easter and that classic edible treat known as tell me...what's your favorite way to eat/fix chicken? That's wasn't what you were expecting was it? I 'fooled' you. teehee 
Chicken Tenders
3. What's the best museum you've ever visited? Or your favorite? Or the one you'd most like to visit? 
I once went to a Teapot exhibit at Brooks Museum in Memphis which I enjoyed.
4. You know what they say about April showers....what's your preference-a bath or a shower? 
5. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"-fact or fiction? Why? ]
If it is a short absence, I'm not sure it makes the heart grow fonder exactly but it certainly makes the homecoming sweeter...
6. What's your favorite product made/grown in your home state/province? 
7. What is going on in the world today that affects you the most? 
The war since my son is serving in harm's way..
8. Insert your own random thought here.
Time for lunch


  1. The jasmine is absolutely beautiful! I'd love to have some of that...does it grow in areas where the winters are rough? And Long? And still here in April? The guy working on tiling my bathroom just informed me there is 6-12 inches of snow in the forecast...I so hope he is wrong!

  2. That Jasmine is amazing!!!!!! I wonder if it is hardy in Oklahoma...... I can tell you now that I am going out and buying some this weekend..... I have just the spot!!!!!!!!

    Love ya gal... Praying ....... Many things here that need my prayers as well...... My Uncle Ed (Mom's brother) is failing and failing fast... I just cry when I see him......

    Heaven is such a sweet thought! If you get a chance please read the book Heaven Is For Real by (cant remember) but it is on my blog for today.. Such a touching book and it makes me so anxious to see my mom and dad and the child that I lost......... How precious is HIS promises to us......

    Love ya girl.......

  3. Bless your son and God protect him.

  4. Hope your son comes home safe and sound to you. My prayers are with him.

  5. I love the idea of a fence as a border between neighbors, and it looks lovely with that Jasmine.

  6. The flowers over the fence idea is fantastic and so beautiful!

    Your son is in my prayers.

  7. Absolutely beautiful!!! It looks so gorgeous against the wood.

    And peaches...oh yum. Homegrown, juicy, sweet peaches. [And fuzzy too, I like 'em best with the skin still on]

  8. Amazing jasmine - what a beautiful plant.

    My garden is full of plants grown from cuttings from my parents garden - but they did all the work - I didn't inherit their green fingers!