Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

For today: Wednesday, January 19, 2011, 11:25 PM
Outside my window...36 °F,(2 °C) darkness
Hearing...Frasier on TV
I am thinking...its time I was going to bed
Feeling thankful for...finding my credit card today (I discovered it was missing from my wallet when I was out shopping today so I went back to O'Charley's where we had lunch on Monday and they had it in their safe.
I am happy I was when I tried on my brown dress pants today and they fit
Creating this...getting together the elements for a couple of scrapbook pages...bought the batting for Gardner's Journal on Monday so I need to get that started.
I am currently reading...Eve by Elissa Elliot, our book club selection for February...not sure if I'm going to like it...and still reading South of Broad at night
One year ago today...It was Winter...enough said!
I am hoping...I'll hear from my son soon
On my mind...getting this finished and going to bed
Noticing that...I don't feel much like blogging these days
Pondering these words..."friendship is the purest kind of love"
From the kitchen...mostly frozen entrees and salad
Around the house...Everything is in pretty good shape.
I am praying for...Catherine's son....
A few plans for the week...Club meeting tomorrow night (postponed last week because of snow)
One of my favorite things...Weight Watchers Muffins for breakfast...watching the scale go down
From my picture file


  1. That is a red cardinal isn't it ?? After reading a red bird Christmas I love them. So bright in your winter time. I will ad my prayers to yours , for your son. Have a restful night

  2. Oh I see you watch Frasier re-runs too huh? Bud likes to watch 'em...but I think it's only because of Daphne. LOL

    Loved the cardinal photo. What a glorious, vivid red.

  3. What a beautiful bird. We don't see those where I live. Right now it's -29C here!! Hugs

  4. You sound a bit like you may have the winter blues...but don't we all this time of the year?!
    I hope you'll feel more like blogging soon. I miss your posts!

    So glad you found your credit card--that makes your heart skip a beat or two, doesn't it?

    Love your cardinal pic. They are my favorite bird. Take care, Kathy

  5. Oh I always love your Daybook! Close my eyes and imagine the sounds and smells from your kitchen! What a lovely bird! Such a contrast against the pure white snow!

  6. I'm glad your credit card was safe!

    Congratulations on the weight loss!

    I think you had asked about my cross stitch project -- if not, just ignore. :-) But I just posted a picture of my progress with it here a few days ago:

  7. Good to hear from you again.

    Thanks for leaving comments on both my blogs. I have uploaded benches for two more weeks already but have no new photos to share on my main blog yet because it has rained so much here. I will be doing both blogs again asap.

    I wish I had a book club here to join. I would read more probably. I am in the middle of a biography of James Dean and also reading a mystery but not really trying to finish either just now.

    I am enjoying your snow photos and will get back to visiting more people again asap.

  8. I love love love that fat bird! Makes you want to hold him and warm him up! I think we all need the spring... I am no motivated and really want to sit under my afghan and read or watch TV... Lots of sickness around here.. I am struggling to get past my vertigo and ear infection... But I am working on dolls and it makes me happy... I hope to show some soon..... Chin up my friend.... we are just passing through..

  9. I hope you find your c card. And I hope you get in the blogging mood. I don't want you to stop. I love it!

  10. I think I "knew" your son was in the Army.. thanks for reminding me ;-) I'll be praying for his safety.

    I love cardinals ~ I'm glad I came over for a visit to see that pic. And SO glad you found your credit card safe and sound. Whew!

  11. I'm with you on dress slacks that fit closet runneth over since I filed away 60 pounds!
    Prayers for your son and all our military men and women, they need all the prayer they can get, but I'm sure God looks over them, being the Good Shepherd He is!

  12. I'm praying for your son - and for you!

    I took a long blogger break and almost didn't come back, feeling the same as you!

    Please share your WW muffin recipe! My mother used to make "Snow Cream" and it was sooo good! I can't remember how she made it (not that I'll ever need the recipe down here in FL! LOL! Do you have a recipe for it? If so, let me know, my curiosity needs to know!


  13. I'll never forget the time I lost my credit card...believe it or not, I had left it behind at Bob Evans across the border!!! Good thing we hadn't left Niagara Falls yet to go home when I realized it was missing. I knew the last time I had used it was at Bob Evan's so I called them and sure enough it was there. So, back across the border to go get it! lol Had to explain to the border guard why we were crossing back in so soon after just re-entering Canada!! Good thing we had a guard with a sense of humour, he laughed about it. lol

    It's -9F here right now so I stayed put inside, not crazy enough to go out there unless I absolutely have to!!

    Love that cardinal picture, wish we had those birds over here. xoxo