Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...Its 34 °F,1 °C and everything is white and bright...the snow is melting some but there is still plenty out there....this afternoon the temperature is supposed to begin going down and that will possibly result in ice forming....oooh, I hate this part of winter...the birds are finally able to reach the seed and suet on the feeder.
Hearing...the dryer running and also the furnace
I am thinking...about our club meeting on Thursday night and if I'll have to reschedule
Feeling thankful for...not having to go anywhere since the roads are almost impassable...that I heard from my son last night and he is still in the states.
I am remembering...how my Daddy always wanted to make snow cream(like ice cream) whenever we had a few inches of snow.
Creating this...again I am not really working on anything...should be though...this morning, I finally got the Christmas decorations packed back up and put away.
I am currently reading...South of Broad (at night)....The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo whenever I have a chance to read during the day...
One year ago today...It was going to be 40 degrees, the snow was melting, I was trying to get back to a healthy lifestyle...
I am hoping...that the snow continues to fall off the pine tree limbs and no more break from the weight....that the water on the roads doesn't freeze
On my mind...what to have for lunch...I'm later getting this daybook posted and it is lunch time....several of you commented on my lunch dates last week and the fact that I am dieting...eating out is easier for me than eating at home as I tend to order healthy salads or grilled chicken and fish...at home it is easy to get in a comfort food groove when I am alone so much....lost 3.4 pounds last week so I'm feeling good about that...wish I hadn't gained so much before I got the motivation to do something about it.
Noticing that...most of my neighbors didn't try to go to work...I know a lot of the government contractors and offices are closed today...
Pondering these words...The 4th Chapter of Ecclesiastes: There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven.....a time for war and a time for peace......and further on: God has made everything beautiful for its own time
From the kitchen...I'm thinking a big salad with some imitation crab meat might be good for dinner tonight.....lunch may be a grilled chicken sandwich...my mouth is already watering...must be strong and not eat any chips with that.....or perhaps just tuna and crackers would be wise
Around the house...things are beginning to look better since I've put away the Christmas decorations...soon it will be time to think about Valentine's Day.....I still have a few boxes of things from my move that I need to go through...decide to give to charity...Thursday is housecleaning day....
I am praying for...Honey Bear's safe return on Friday...clear roads and a good first meeting for our club....continuing uplifted mood (no depression)....
A few plans for the week...no plans away from home except the meeting Thursday night
One of my favorite things...coffee in bed on cold winter mornings
From my picture file...
This little Mocking Bird is all huddled up trying to stay warm.
Thank you for visiting my daybook....credit goes to Peggy for the creation of this weekly journaling among bloggers.


  1. This is my least favorite stretch of winter, too. We're on our second day out of school, and d-i-l's work closed, but hubby had to go in to his. I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere today.

  2. I am visiting from the Simple Woman's Digest. I like to visit a couple of blogs whose names are near mine. Nice post. Great verse.

    I agree about winter. It just started snowing here... again... we are supposed to get 5-8 inches overnight... on top of what is already here. I am wishing for spring but the east coast will have many days more of winter before that happens. I am just glad I don't have to go anywhere. Hubby and dd are out on errands. I am praying for their safe return home soon.

    Stop by and visit my blog if you have time.

  3. Snow , Rain, All that wet stuff is causing havoc all over the world at the moment. Yet it is the element we need to grow, nourish, cleanse, and the list goes on. We both seem to be in the Eccleciastes readings this week. And we can't change a thing because it is all in God's hands. Take care keep warm and loose a few pounds for me.

  4. Enjoy your time cozied up and reading...Simple Blessings.

  5. Hello girl...... coming by to see what you are up to.... I am not much in the mood to blog these past few days... not sure.... but want to get out here and see who is out and about.. I love hearing how your day is going....... Coffee in Bed!! how wonderful....... I do not know how long it has been since I had coffee in bed... I need to tell my husband....... hahaha

    Praying that your honey gets home safe and I love Ecclesiastes, it seems to put things in perspective........ Very up to date and seems it was written for today....
    Have a warm day tomorrow my friend..

  6. Hi! Enjoyed your post! Coffee in bed on cold winter mornings...that would be marvelous! Love the cute bird pic too! Blessings!

  7. Love the bird picture!!! And I must add, "Way to go" with the weight loss!!! Keep it up.

  8. Brrr, you are having such cold weather. This sounds like a perfect week to stay in....be warm and cozy and safe too. I love the idea of morning coffee in bed...nice way to start the day. Great weight loss, continued success...hugs, Linda

  9. We didn't get much snow here. Such a sweet picture of the mockingbird.

    By the way, you asked if I was the one who gave the recipe for the cranberry/white chocolate cookies---yes, it was me! I'm so glad your family enjoyed them!!

  10. There's nothing more dangerous than melting snow turning into ice...I do hope it didn't freeze like it was forecasted!! We still have just a little bit of snow, nothing like what we're used to in January. We're having frigid temperatures, though, today the high was 10F!

    I also always find it easier to eat healthier at a restaurant. As you said, it's too easy to just go for comfort food when at home:-)

    Love the picture of the mockingbird, we don't get those birds over here. xoxo

  11. Love your picture of the bird in the tree.

  12. Just coming by to bring a warm smile on this cold night......