Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...36 °F(2 °C) but it is supposed to reach the mid 50s today...there's a Red Bellied Woodpecker on the feeder(I just remarked to Honey Bear a few days ago that we'd not seen one this winter)...Squirrels appear to be building a nest in the pine tree at the back of our yard.
Hearing...all is quiet here this morning except for Smokey talking to the Birds, he makes little chirping noises
I am thinking...I need to change my header...too Christmas looking
Feeling thankful for...the wonderful 3 day weekend I had with Honey Bear
I am remembering...our long walk yesterday
Creating this...no new projects yet but I'm planning on finishing up a few UFOs...and creating a tidy house(time to put away all the Christmas 'stuff')
I am currently reading..still reading 'South of Broad' by Pat Conroy...plus 'Susannah's Garden' by Debbie Macomber on my kindle.
One year ago today...it was Winter and cold...I was seeing the same Bird at the feeder...had spent time with extended family on Saturday...Honey Bear was back at work...I still had to take down the tree...mostly the same as today
I am hoping...to stick to WW program, keep my points tracker, exercise some each day...to look at part of the picture and not the whole thing...
On my mind...getting this post finished so I can get on with my day....needing to visit you...I'm missing my friends
Noticing that...the sun is still asleep..wish I was
Pondering these words..."Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord. Each morning, I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly" Psalm 5:3
From the kitchen...Honey Bear took all the leftovers with him to eat this week...there are still treats left from the Holidays...I'm planning on eating only healthy food this week
Around the house...little piles of this and that...Christmas decorations, mail, office clutter, dirty clothes...just piles that need clearing...and I didn't vacuum yesterday, now I'm wondering should I just wait until I finish undecorating (is that a word?)
I am praying for...no appetite, no cravings, lots of willpower and tons of energy
A few plans for the week...lunch with friend, Rene, today...lunch with Daughter tomorrow...Christian Women's Club luncheon on Thursday then a Pampered Chef party that night.....book club meeting on Friday morning....its another short week, I hope I accomplish much
One of my favorite things...spending time with friends
From my picture file
Paulie, I made this photograph for you.

*Credit to Peggy for starting the Day Book.


  1. Hi, it's good to be visiting friends again! I have the book "Susannah's Garden", but haven't started it yet!
    I, too, am struggling with "the aftermath" of Christmas. It's a slow process at the moment.
    Good luck with WW. I contemplated joining myself, as a new group is forming. I, too, am trying to eat healthier and exercise more--for health reasons.

  2. We are kind of doing the same thing....un-decorating:). All I need to finish is taking down the tree...didn't put out as much this year and I will be so happy when the tree is down.
    Cold here, I've been staying in, reading and working on a new stitch I started On New Year's. Have a great week...sounds like it will be. hugs, Linda

    p.s. I say vacuum after the tree is down....L

  3. We just "undecorated" Saturday -- it does help to vacuum afterward.

    I've still been working on the same cross stitch little by little -- I need to show an update some time.

  4. Vacuum afterward - definately!! Sounds like you had a nice morning!

  5. I took down my Christmas tree and decorations yesterday and once all the totes were put away for another year, I took out the vaccuum and did the whole house and then dusted. It feels good to have an uncluttered house once again:-)

    It's 18F here right now but at least the sun is shining! I need to go out to run a few errands so will have to let the car warm up first.

    Hope you had a fun lunch time with your friend:-) xoxo

  6. This is lovely. I like the idea of a day book. All the things you are grateful for and to really pay attention to what is around you. I guess it also encourages the discipline to write on a regular basis.

  7. What an interesting post. A lot of fun thoughts and ideas.I too like the idea of a day book. I'm sure our version would be much different than the gals in the early 1900'.s.

  8. I'll start the de-decorating after the 7th(the 6th is Little Christmas, the 7th my birthday) so it will give me lots to do on Saturday!
    Thanks so much for the good wishes

  9. Hey I got your message on my blog. I am moving but I have left my address for you in an email but you may have not received it or I just sent it to the wrong address lol. But if you can please send me an email to deniecebarnes@hotmail.com I will give you the address through our emails. I am so sorry that it take me so long to get back to you...Please forgive me dear friend.

  10. I don't have to un-decorate as I leave my Christmas tree up all year long. My living room has many snowmen and it fits right in. . . BUT I am trying to get my home in order so I can work on my patriotic quilt I have cut out for my bed. My bathroom is all the two themes I love most -- ocean and snow and I can't fit another lighthouse in it so remind me to stop hunting in second hand stores for them!

    I found it funny that you are dieting and then have 4 luncheons to go to this week. . . lol

    Thanks for sharing your snowy bench with me who is snowless in Vancouver so far. sigh

  11. We still have our Christmas up and I have got to get busy taking it down. Love your daybook as usual. You sound like you have a busy week planned.

  12. Your daybook entries are always a pleasure to read. Tho, the snowy photo sends shivers down my spine. It looks so cold! I'm not a cold person...gimme summery weather any day. LOL

    The lunch part of your post sounds like fun...but oh not so good on the will power you pray for!! Good luck in that aspect.

    Hope you're having a great week.

  13. Snippets of anothers life is very rewarding, Squirrels nesting I would like to see that.

  14. Packed away my decorations on the 6th - 12th Day of Christmas! When is the RIGHT time to put it all up though? I hear conflicting stories and wonder if there is a "correct" day!

  15. Sounds like a very peaceful morning. Glad you finally got a glimpse of your woodpecker. They are so fun to watch.
    I haven't read any Pat Conroy, but keep hearing about his books. Going to have to keep an eye out for one. (I get most of my books at yard sales or thrift stores.)
    Hope you got all undecorated, which I believe really is a word!

  16. Coming by to say hello and see what you are up to.. I am getting back in the groove I hope.. I am reading a lot and working in my shop .. My shop is such good therapy for me.....
    Hope all is well at your house! I am going to try to to the Day book next week.... I so enjoy reading yours......