Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook

This daybook is brought to you by The Simple Woman
Outside my window...
58 °F cloudy and dark...the temperature is supposed to go down from here
with a low in the 20s tonight...not much bird activity at present...a good day to stay inside
the furnace just came on..otherwise its quiet
I am thinking...
I've got to get some Birthday cards in the mail pronto...
The recycle bin I sat outside  is
probably full of rain water..I wonder if 
they will still pick it up
Feeling thankful for...
the check from Dental Insurance that came in the mail
Day 30

I am remembering...
our vacation in the mountains...just downloaded the 
Creating this...
Nothing since last week
I am currently reading...
Innocent by Scott Turow
On Strike for Christmas 
by Sheila Roberts
One year ago today...
It was raining and cold..I was trying to get
packages in the mail..hadn't started decorating
I am hoping...
to catch up on my to-do list today
On my mind..
should I go to the grocery store first thing
or can I get by..Is there a dish I can make with what I
have on hand....
Have you seen the video to Kenny Chesney's song
The Boys of Fall? I can't get that song 
out of my head..
Noticing that...
my body is wearing out..it gets
harder and harder to
get up from a squatting position..
why do they put items on low shelves in the shops
Pondering these words...
"Will is the root, knowledge is the stem and leaves,
and feeling is the flower." Sterling
From the kitchen...
Just finished eating an apple pastry with my coffee...
I'm thinking I'll make White Chicken Chili this weekend...
plans for the potlucks I have to attend later in the week...
the pantry could use some tidying...
fruitcake or fruitcake cookies?
I am remembering...
Daddy went home 11/29/06
I miss you both
Around the house...
Still some unpacking ...laundry,
tidying to do
I am praying for...
A few plans for the week...
I have two events that require me to
carry a food dish...I'm thinking of making Apple Cake and
either a casserole or salad
Monday: MCHCL board meeting(already typed up the minutes),
Thursday: MCHCL Council meeting
Friday: Book Club Brunch
Daughter's Birthday
One of my favorite things...
wood fire in the fireplace...we 
had one every day of our vacation...
I want to take the gas logs out of our fireplace so we can 
burn wood.
From my picture file

Reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh stop for a photo op...I never
realized they were so small


  1. Cool and rainy here, too. Wish I could stay inside all day, but I'll at least not go out any more than I have to.

    The anniversaries of both my parents' home-going is coming up in December. Those days are a mixture of the sad and the nostalgic. Hope this day passes well for you.

  2. Keep warm and keep well.... I woke up to rain here in sunny queensland....