Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Simple Woman's Daybook

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Outside my window...there's misting rain and wind and a carpet of leaves...68 degrees F with an expected high of 70 today....the fish are swimming on top of the pond, they think its summer again...I hung a suet feeder on Thursday and already we have had a Downy Woodpecker visit
Hearing...wind chimes...motors in the distance...ticking clocks
I am thinking...I should just go back to bed....I was up scrapbooking until almost 2AM
Feeling thankful for...rain when we need it....
 &...Family traditions
Day 22 & 23

I am remembering...dreams I had last night
Creating this...

The bag is finished except for a few tweaks...I have the insert for the bottom(to make it firm) to finish...I made a pocket and will fill it with a piece of cardboard but leave the end open so it can be removed when laundering the bag....the vest below is for my daughter(it is light blue denim, the wall to the left is blue too, don't know why it showed up this color)....this is the first garment I've made on my new machine, which is relatively new, and I loved the way the machine performed..I love my machine.

I am currently reading...Innocent by Scott Turow
One year ago today...
the closest I came was November 20th...I had been to a card workshop...drawn a winner for my blogaversary give away.....was getting ready for my son and his family to visit for Thanksgiving...and had a peculiar headache, which I still have occasionally and still haven't seeked a medical opinion about.
I am hoping...the rain is over before Honey Bear drives home tonight
On my mind...all the things I need to pack for our trip tomorrow...do you make lists? I couldn't get by without my lists
Noticing that...stores are opening earlier every year on Black Friday
Pondering these words...
"Why is there then
No more to tell? We turned to other things,
I haven't any memory--have you?--
Of ever coming to the place again"...Robert Frost, "The Exposed Nest"
From the kitchen...3 sampler salads and coconut shrimp from Earth Fare...a toasted pastry for breakfast..later I will be making Potato Soup to take on our trip for dinner tomorrow night
Around the house...I've actually wrapped a few gifts...the house is still relatively tidy and clean except for the studio....I need to change the bed linen  ...packing in progress for our trip.....leaves keep getting tracked in from outside
I am praying for...
All of us who are missing our loved ones on Thanksgiving....Jennifer.....Robert & Heather...Honey Bear
A few plans for the week...
Monday, I had a dental appointment at 12:30 to have the new crowns put on, daughter and I ran errands, picked up a few essentials for our meals during the holidays, and finalized meal plans......T0day, I am going to prepare some food items to take on our trip....Wednesday, (yea!) we're leaving for our cabin in the mountains....Thursday, relaxing and enjoying family time-Thanksgiving meal in the evening...Friday & Saturday, we have possible activities in the works but haven't settled on them yet as it depends on the weather...a definite hike in the woods sometime during our stay and some hot tub time...Iron Bowl on Friday afternoon....dinner out on Saturday night.....Home on Sunday
One of my favorite things...
Spending time with family!
From my picture file..

From my picture file...


  1. Sounds like you are going to have a fun trip & wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy! Absolutely love the bag and vest! Blessings!

  2. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Thanks for stopping by today! It sounds like you have a full life! ~ I like the "one year ago today" part of your daybook. I may have to add that to mine! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Howdy!! Hope your Thanksgiving went well and you had a great day celebrating.

    Hey? Is this going to be your permanent blog now? If so, I want to update my reader so I can follow your posts. When you have time, let me know.