Wednesday, August 22, 2018


I missed posting the last two Saturday Scribbles because we went out of town....On the 21st we went up to Pulaski Tennessee to Big Creek Winery for a little music amid the grapes. We enjoyed sitting outside, listening, eating our picnic dinner and sharing a bottle of wine. We spent the night nearby, returning home on Sunday.... This past Saturday, we rode with Daughter and the Princess to Auburn. Its about a 4 hour drive and we left at 8am. She has bought a condo there that Wonder Boy is living in while he attends university. He had gone down the weekend before and there were some repairs that needed 'seeing to' so Granddaddy had to see to them. In all fairness, she did try to get two different handymen to come out with no luck. The oven needed a new element. The banister needed reinforcing. A funky light needed a new bulb which had to be ordered. We got down there in time to do some of the repairs, have lunch, check into our hotel and meet Wonder Boy for dinner. We came home Sunday.

Today is National Thrift Shop Day....the ladies in my club decided to meet for breakfast and go shopping. We went to three thrift stores. We have a project to make fidget blankets for Alzheimer's patients and donate them to a Nursing Home so we were shopping for items for that. I decided to use a couple of thick pillow shams and sew the activities onto that. I bought a pair of jeans to get the pockets and zipper and a little stuffed toy which I'll sew to a ribbon and sew on near the pocket so it can be taken out and put back. I went on Pinterest and got some other ideas.
I bought a quilt and will wash it before I show it to you. Its a bow tie pattern and is in good shape. Also picked up a few canning jars and a corning ware dish with plastic lid.

On the health front, I thought I was a month away from finishing the Fungal infection treatment but Monday my Doctor said 6 weeks. I'm to have a CT scan of my lung in 5 weeks to see if all the yucky stuff is gone. I have been feeling good except for the aches and pains of arthritis but 1 mg of Prednesone helps with that. I have Holly Cottage all pinned and ready to quilt and worked a little on the Fall quilt. Produce keeps coming in and has to be dealt with: Okra and Peas and Pepper, oh my.

I've been by to see a few of you but haven't left a footprint or comment. Just time to read and hard to type with Smokey between me and the keyboard.
That's all for now,
Mama Bear


  1. Your husband sounds like mine - the extended family fixer. :-) I know they both love being able to help their families in that way.

    Glad you're feeling better! I hope all the yucky lung stuff will be gone by the time the doctor looks at them.

  2. so glad to hear you are on the mend even if slower than you would like.... happy quilting...

  3. So glad to read that you are feeling better. Hope all the yucky stuff has disappeared.

    God bless.

  4. Big Creek Winery sounds like a nice getaway. Saturday sounds like it was a nice day. Glad the repairs were taken care of. Those blankets sound like a very nice project. Sorry about the extension of your meds but it has to be gotten rid of! Prednisone is a wonder drug. Take care.

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, last week. I was tickled to find your comment :) I hopped over here to see what you've been up to. It sounds like you are staying busy. Take care, Kathy (Reflections)

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