Saturday, February 24, 2018

Saturday Scribbling

Good Morning,
First an update on my health: Saw the specialist on Monday and he has taken me off inhalers and just wants me to do breathing treatments for tests and more tests.  Okay, enough about that.

We are seeing the first signs of Spring which are nice. Daffodils are blooming as are the Ornamental Plum trees....Lots of bird activity going on outside my window. We've been seeing temps in the 70s, in fact it was 72 in the house when I got up this morning. Too bad, I can't get out and walk some but still having shortness of breath.

We had new flooring put in two rooms and a hall this week so lots of moving around of non-furniture items. The workers moved the larger pieces....Also, Honey Bear and I needed to move our living room TV and recliners closer together so we could see better...(older eyesight, etc.).

I've been doing some sewing on the Fall quilt this week and still need to prepare the large block for Holly Cottage for applique and stitching....The first week in March is our annual Retreat for some of my friends...this year 10 or 11 are going which is a good number as we're usually only around I'm trying to get some work sorted to take along...haven't decided about taking my sewing machine...I have some cutting and pre-sewing work I can do on the Fall quilt without the machine...I need to make a trip to Hobby Lobby for border material for Holly Cottage, also. Daughter and I were going on Thursday bu when we got there the electricity was out for about 2 miles on one side of the highway and the stores were dark...

Well, that is a little news from our house....I will try to post more often but can't promise anything.
Mama Bear


  1. I can definitely relate to the shortness of breath. With my COPD and A-fib, they both give you shortness of breath and it gets me down :( I pray they find the answers for you.

    Your new flooring sounds exciting. Enjoy your retreat.

  2. New flooring is always nice! I'm sure your house feels new, especially when you move things around too!

  3. I hope your health continues to improve so you can get out there for a walk and enjoy the weather.....

  4. I would LOVE to see your autumn quilt!

  5. We've been in the 70s, too, with daffodils and other things blooming. I love it! Glad for the new flooring - nice once it's doe though it's a bit tumultuous in the process.

    You mentioned older eyesight - how does that work with quilting? I haven't done much stitching because it's hard to see, even with reading glasses and a magnifying glass that hangs around my neck and sits on my chest, yet I have some x-stitch pieces I'd love to do.

    Hope your health continues to improve.