Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wow! April Already...

I finally finished my therapy and now can use my right arm for most things...Problem was all that downtime caused other problems....Just recovering from bronchitis and Colitis...hoping to be more active starting now because I really need to limber up and hopefully avoid more surgery...

Daughter had two surgeries, one in July and another in January. HOney Bear had a thyroid lobe removed on January 31st so we've seen all the local surgery centers and are ready some healthy months.

Good thing is Spring is here so we'll be outside more....He's working in his garden and I am taking it slow with trips around the yard and inside the house but I'm feeling good and want to try some mile long walks and maybe visit the wellness center for some classes...its free on my insurance so no excuse not to go.

I'll be visiting soon and catching up on all your blogs. God bless!
Mama Bear  


  1. Nice to see you Mama Bear. Take your time and get better.

    God bless.

  2. Not good to hear you have all been unwell but great news to hear your focusing on health........ Slow and steady keep pushing the boundaries and you will get there.......

  3. Wow that's rough, especially when each of you has had surgeries. Hope you're all mending well and in good health soon.

  4. Thanks for keeping us up to date. Sending prayers your way....