Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tuesday Tidbits

This morning we got up to rain which was welcome...I went for my walk on the treadmill while listening to Alan Jackson....then I decided to clean out my closet...I moved some winter clothes to the guest room closet and summer to the main closet....I did not finish, but then started straightening the studio and ended up doing some scrapbook pages....does anyone else do this, flit about from one project to another....

Then....Smokey let me know it was lunchtime at about 12-12:30 as usual so I took care of him and now have stopped to eat my own lunch: yogurt, trail mix and cheez-it snack mix(100 calorie pack)...guess my busyness is over for today...

What have you been up to on this Tuesday....


  1. Today I have been catching up on a few jobs I put off around the house, and knitting some socks.

    I would like to clear some pictures off my camera tonight (already downloaded them onto the computer) and clean up my emails. I also need to do a bit of a blog post as well.

    God bless.

  2. Way to go on working on the closet. I've been up to nothing!

  3. Oh I so need to sort and throw some clothes......

  4. Sure do, The summer clothes have been relegated to the back bedroom and the winter clothes are making a come back into my wardrobe. Though here in Geelong we are into Autumn and have been experiencing temps around the 80s,