Monday, September 5, 2016

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Monday, September 5, 20016

Outside my window...
86 and sunny, feels like 89
the growing season is slowing and my
potted flowers are showing signs of
being tired...
we have had many Butterflies
this year and they 
are a blessing...  

I am thinking...
that it is nice to see some
lower temperatures and 
lower humidity...we had ample
rain in August so Mosquitoes
are back...   

I am thankful...
I can still go for walks with
a minimum of joint pain

In the kitchen...
leftover pizza, and
a few vegetables 
from Saturday, Honey
Bear cut up Okra and
cooked it, he said it wasn't as
good as mine...  

I am wearing...
white knit pants with
a navy and white, 3 quarter
sleeve pullover 

I am creating...
a cleaner carpet, I'm
using my spot bot on
some stains as I write this...
tomorrow I plan to visit Pat
and work on more laundry bags, 
we need 40, at the workshop, we only
made 6 but we got all of them cut out, the
handles quilted so it is easier..
we may have another workshop..    

I am going...
staying home today but
may need to pick up the 
Princess when she gets back from
retreat later...  

I am wondering...
if I will lose a little weight this week.. 

I am reading...
the October Book Club selection

I am hoping...
the stain comes up this time.. 
I cleaned the carpet in this room 
a month ago and it looked
like the stain came out...
and a few weeks later it was back...

I am looking forward to...
doing some sewing soon...
I saw a beautiful Fall quilt,
with Maple Leaves pieced in squares,
and I think I've figured out how to make it.. 

Around the house...
things are pretty tidy..

A favorite quote for today...
"To reach the port of heaven,
we must sail sometimes with the wind,
and sometimes against it but we must sail..
not drift, and not lie at anchor." 
Oliver Wendell Homes    

One of my favorite things...
going for walks

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Sewing tomorrow at Pat's
Dr appointment on Thursday morning
Annual Dinner with club meeting that night
Saturday breakfast with Sunday School

A peek into my day...
Let's see: I made the bed, walked
for 40 minutes, spot cleaned the carpet
and swept the carpet first,
I think the rest of the day will be
spent reading, watching  Amazon Video,
and talking with Honey Bear
when he returns from work,
then feeding the fish around 4:00

from my photo album...
   this is me with my niece December 1992
look at all that hair, back when I still got perms
now my niece is married with a little girl of her own

I know this isn't my usual daybook prompts,
I will try to find that one next time...
I wanted to explain why there were no posts last week:
I had something going on away from home
every day...meetings on 2 days ..a hair
appointment and 3 lunches out plus 
shopping and time
for blogging...Please add Honey Bear
to your pray list, he's had a cough for 
months and finally the doctor has done
xrays, sent him for a scan and
he sees a Pulmonologist tomorrow.        


  1. Good thoughts and prayers for Honey Bear coming your way. I do hope they find out what the problem is.

    God bless.

  2. Hope your carpet stains come up and your husband feels better soon.

  3. It's been so warm ... I'm really ready for some cooler daytime temps! Carpet stains are no fun; hope you find a working 'solution'! :)

    1. Oh yeah ... and yes, the butterflies have been incredibly this year!! We've seen tons, at both the camp and on the lake!

  4. Hope you are having a good week. It is cooler here than it was, but oh I am longing for it to be cooler still, but then not too cold! xx