Friday, July 5, 2013

Funny Friday

Good Friday morning to all my beary
special friends....
Wil here.
Getting ready for Camp Good Bear,
can't wait to see all my friends from
Mama Bear tried to shop for me but my
feet paws are just so big
its hard to find sneakers for me....
never mind, I love going barepaw...
She did get me a visor and a shirt, though....
She's been canning produce from the gardens
last Monday was the girls annual camping trip...
they went to Nashville and stayed in a hotel
near all the shopping...
it was Mama Bear, Daughter and the Princess
I think their favorite part of the trip
besides being together was Cheesecake Factory...
Mama said she had a cheesecake that had 
chocolate crust, chocolate chip cake, cheesecake, 
chocolate cake and then pecan, coconut frosting 
just like on a German Chocolate Cake.....
She said to tell you she only ate half of it...
Still....she didn't weigh today...said she'd indulged
too much and needed a week of tracking her food....
She even got back on the treadmill this morning....
Have a beary good weekend!


  1. Hi Wil,

    Shoes? Not me, I like barepaws just like you. I think Wilbur is the only bear that I know who wears shoes. But don't forget your furscreen.

    See you next Saturday, by the oak tree where we met at last year. Sunglasses - don't forget your sunglasses.

    Prudence ♥

  2. Hi Wil,
    Sneakers won't fit any of us either. Wilbur is so lucky to have those shoes of his!

    I think for the most part we are just going to be bare bears at camp this year.

    We will see you soon
    Hugs from
    Sweet Pea
    and Jason

  3. If those girls didn't eat all the cheese cake, I hope they brought you home a doggy bag.