Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday Scribbles

The week has simply disappeared into the past at record speed...
and I can't say I accomplished all that much.
I've uploaded the photos from my camera and phone finally so I can
share a few...
I thought this was a good one of Smokey Bear.

And these were of those elusive Bluebirds....they like to eat
the suet so they're coming to the feeder
right now.
This first one is on top of the chicken tractor....
BTW, those little baby chicks are a week old and still
in the bathtub...they've grown much in the short amount of
time we've had them and most have grown bits of wings...At least
one appears to be a Rooster as he has little tail feathers.

This photo of me and the Princess was taken at Celebration Day in
I recently had a bone density scan and they told me
that I measure 5'4.5 which is shorter than I was...
the Princess is 5'4 and Wonder Boy is 5'7
they will soon outreach me....

I spent Wednesday with my Daughter....we went shoe shopping for her.
She wears white New Balance shoes at work and they have gotten quite
expensive....I reminded her of a coupon in one of those booklets
schools sell so she saved $10. We had a lovely lunch at Sady's
in Downtown Madison......
Thursday we had a road trip with two other friends to a meeting
in Guntersville....the sky was very blue that day and so was the was beautiful.

It is raining here today and the temperature is 49 right 
different from last week.
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  1. Oh, those bluebirds are just darling.

    I am envying you your spring weather (the rain) getting pretty tired of digging ourselves out from under snow every weekend this month.

    God bless.

  2. Lovely picture of you and Princess... the blue birds are so pretty... such a bright blue on them...

  3. Love seeing the picture of you and Princess! I took pics of my birds today! Love them. This week went by so fast for me too!

  4. I know the feeling of kids taller than their mom (my oldest had the comment more than once -that can't be your mom, she is so short!) But they still know how to find you when they're in trouble:):)

  5. Love the bluebirds, they are one of my favorites. Great shot of you and your princess. Sounds like you had a great day together. Happy Sunday!

  6. As aves são lindas ! E a sua princesa encantadora. Abraço. Ailime

  7. I enjoyed looking at your photos!

    I'm missing having some sweet baby chicks of my own, this spring...Next year, for sure! Can't wait to see a picture of your new babies :)

    By the way, what a great idea to keep your chicks in the bathtub! I wish I had an extra bathroom, for the next time around.