Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Simple Woman's Daybook


Outside my window...It is 39°F,4°C, a little cloudy but the sun is shinning and the high temperature today is supposed to be 55.......March has been very windy so far and we had an abundance of rain recently....this morning, we've had a rabbit, a squirrel, a Junco and a Mockingbird on the porch.

I am thinking...that another week is passing by quickly without much blogging from me....

I am thankful...for the good health of our family....and all the other provisions God provides.......that spring seems to be here and my mood is brighter....for answered prayers

From the kitchen...we've had some good meals this week and the fridge is filled with leftovers that should see the Honey Bear through lunch and dinner today as I don't plan on cooking.....I cooked a pot of Great Northern Beans on Tuesday and made a skillet of cornbread and a bowl of slaw...this is like ambrosia to him and he'll eat on it for days at lunchtime.

I am poka-dot pajamas with a pink top

I am creating...Angel Christmas Ornaments, crocheted squares for the Hope blankets, and working some on the cross stitch project.

I am find another box for our CASA Easter baskets the club is doing tonight and load all of my 'stuff' for the meeting into the car.

One year ago today...the sun was shinning, seed pods from the Maple tree were falling on the porch....we'd given some of our young fish away to my Uncle....I had just gotten over an asthma attack and was beginning to feel better...the SAL quilt squares were coming along nicely....I was reading "Leah's Wake"....

I am wondering...why I haven't uploaded any photos lately...they're on the camera but not on the computer

These days I'm reading...The Shoemaker's Wife by Adriana Trigiani

I am praying...not to have allergy related problems this month while the Ornamental Pears are blooming......

I remember when...we didn't change our clocks in the spring and fall

I am looking forward to...a long Spring, hopefully before the humidity of summer

A verse for today...Psalm 23:2 He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters.

Discovering that....I spend too much time playing Mah Jong on my Kindle

I am hearing...the furnace...the washing machine....

Around the neighbors are moving in next door and across the street.....Honey Bear is preparing to get newly hatched chicks and will be keeping them in the guest bath room for a few weeks......I picked up a shelving unit at the thrift store Friday and switched it with the wooden one that was in the garage, finally getting my new craft studio in shape and started working there.........

Song that stays on my Mind...
"Daddy's Hands" by Holly Dunn

A favorite quote for today..."A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words." 
- Sent by Donna Roberts
One of my favorite things...opening doors and blinds to let the sun shine in

A few plans for the rest of the week:club meeting tonight....Grocery shopping tomorrow....a wiener roast/marshmallow toast Saturday night....dining out on St. Patrick's Day

From my photo file....


  1. mmm...beans, cornbread and slaw sounds wonderful to me also

  2. Such a lovely post. I hope Spring stays for awhile in your neck of the woods.

  3. Sending you love, hugs, and prayers.

  4. I do love your favourite quote! I don't know what I would have done without my friends over the past few months!

  5. I want chickens........ I really want chickens.. Maybe this summer I will build me a chicken house.. We raised baby chicks when I was a girl living at grandmothers.. I can still hear them in the well house........ Sweet memories.. Have a great weekend..

  6. things sound interesting. happy blogging! the swd brought me here,,,

  7. Yay for cross-stitching! I've never done a SAL. Sometimes I think I would like to do one.

    Your beans and cornbread sounds yummy.

    We still have Juncos around here, and snow on the ground also. I am waiting to see our first robin of the season.

  8. Good Morning
    and Greetings from Ireland

    I just wanted to pop by and wish you
    a very Happy St. Patrick's Day.

    May you always have
    Walls for the winds,
    A roof for the rain,
    Tea beside the fire,
    Laughter to cheer you,
    Those you love near you,
    And all your heart might desire!


  9. Those orange begonias are just beautiful.

    God bless.