Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday, Monday

Good Morning,

The view outside my window this morning is enough to make one hurry back to grey and overcast....I think the rain is over until tonight but there is no sun and the high of 57 we had at daybreak is the high for the day so its down the thermometer from there......our weather this Winter has been so erratic and hard to live with and I guess that is why so many are ill.

Speaking of returning to bed, I stripped the sheets off and they're washing so I won't be doing that.....I did a little straightening up of the Craft Room........still not happy with the arrangement of furniture in there.....I think what I need it another shelving unit and less I'll probably be buying another one soon...My sewing machine has been in the closet since before Christmas but I am ready to get it out and start on that rag quilt....I have a couple of stitchery patterns to trace and turn into pillows and bags.....

I addressed a Valentine Card to send to my sweet Aunt whom I visited last week.....

Now, I'm trying to decide whether to make a pot of soup or beans.....

What's happening in your world today.....


  1. I've got laundry running ... dishes done ... and a ham in the crock pot! I don't even want to look at my sewing room ... so I think it's on to my stitching lessons!! :)

  2. Thanks for reminding me -- I have a Valentine I need to get in the mail.

    My m-i-l was moved to a skilled nursing facility, and we spent the weekend cleaning out her old room and getting her settled in. She has maybe 1/3 of the space she did before, so we had to figure out where at our house to put her stuff.

    My sewing room is in disarray and it's setting my teeth on edge, but I can't do anything about it probably til the weekend. I had been looking for a set of plastic drawers for the closet. When we had to move my m-i-l's chest of drawers here, I decided to try it in the closet -- but it is too big and bulky. But my husband and boys were too busy with packing and unpacking her other furniture, and then too tired, to do anything with it then. Hopefully soon!

  3. Well our world here is VERY VERY snowy and COLD ~ it was actually nice to take this little walk in the rain at 57 degrees I thought I was in a sauna Ahh ... did we have the soup or the beans for supper?
    Please feel free to to take a trek over to my place but bring your snow shoes; with your lined wellies , warm scarf, mittens and a big parka, ...come on then follow me ...come see the snow !

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  5. Nice to read what you have been up to!

    Have a good weekend

    x Fiona

  6. I have had a few of those days this week as well. It would be nice to pull the blankets back over my head on the days it is miserable outside.

    God Bless.