Friday, December 7, 2012

Making a List

....and checking it twice...
Are you a list maker? I make lists for everything and still I forget things I mean to do or buy or think about or pray about...
I wanted to share with you a couple of things.....

I didn't do as much decorating this year as I usually do.....I didn't put out this Nativity...
I bought it a few years ago and I really like it's big,has many pieces and is breakable. I'm always concerned about where to put it to keep it from being broken. Last year I put it in this hutch in the kitchen. It was a good place for it, out of the traffic.

This year, I did put this little one on the mantle...

I got to thinking about it's history. 
Shortly after our marriage, I received it as a gift. Not a personal gift, at one of those
parties where you're asked to bring a gift to exchange. At the time,
I had already bought a similar one.
I decided to give that one to my parents.
I can't remember exactly the year this all took place. I do
remember taking the figures loose from the stable. They were glued down and I decided to let my wee daughter play with
them as I told her the story of Jesus' birth. We decided the
baby was cold and I made him a little blue 
The figures are made of plastic and each year, I let the children
place them in the stable.

 In 2007 when we were going through Mama and Daddy's
house and out buildings, getting ready to sale their
property to my niece, I found a few of the figures from
her Nativity in the dirt of Daddy's shop floor. I took them
and added them to my own scene. So, I have an extra shepherd
and cow.

You can't see the little lamb on the left, there was
once two of them.

I've decided that, although this was a cheap Nativity at the time, I'm very happy for the years it has been a part of our Christmas decorations and the memories it brings to mind.


  1. Your Nativity is beautiful. I collect them, they bring me joy! Yes I make lists, lists and more lists.....Merry Christmas!

  2. Yes, I am a list maker too... I get in a state if I end up forgetting it when I go to do the shopping!!! I don't have a nativity set now but I used to just love the one my mum and dad used to set up every year...have no idea what happened to it...

  3. I like both of them, but I feel an extra liking to the one with a lot of family history behind it.....those are what great memories of the season is all about.

  4. I think it's wonderful that you've kept these pieces, the memory behind them is priceless. I wish I had my mom's nativity set from when I was a little girl...the figures were made of plaster and many times dad had to glue the head on Joseph or a leg on a lamb because mom always let us play with them as we put the manger scene together and there were some "oops" moments when we'd accidentally drop a piece:-) Mom eventually threw it all away in one of our moves...darn it! lol

    As for making lists, I'm not really a list maker unless it's for a menu:-) xoxo

  5. That nativity is really nice. I love making lists. I make one everyday to keep me from forgetting things.

  6. Love your Christmas decorations!! I haven't been around in a while, but trying to get back in to blogging. Lots has happened in the past few months. Hope all is well with you! I will try to catch up on your blog this week!!!

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