Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook

From Mama Bear's Journal
FOR TODAY...Tuesday, July 30, 2012

Outside my window...cloudy,  74°F,  23°C with a predicted high today of 94 and 40% chance of thunderstorms....we still desperately need the rain....although the grass is green and flowers continue to bloom, it is the time of year for Crepe Myrtles and they are glorious...I like the deep red ones best....we're still waiting to see the Red Headed Woodpeckers bring their offspring to the feeder...its getting late for that and has us a bit concerned....the hummer continues to visit and is a joy to see as is the baby rabbit, although he is still small, Honey Bear says he's seen one even smaller among the cabbages in the garden...we have the adults and the mid size ones as well but the wee ones bring the most pleasure.

I am thinking...about all that needs to be done around the house and garden but also about all the creative things I want to accomplish

I am thankful...my Uncle recovered from his gunshot wound.....my daughter passed her nursing boards.....Honey Bear is finally going to the doctor to have his BP medicines adjusted.....for fresh produce and God's creation outside my window.....

In the kitchen...more Okra to do up and some fresh corn as well.....maybe a noodle/beef/tomato casserole and some slaw for dinner tonight....

I am wearing...pink pajamas with a flowered pink robe

I am creating...cross stitch (sorry no picture)...packages to mail...ideas for the final block of "my favorite things" and sewing those together....binding for my large sampler quilt......gathering and labeling entries for our cultural arts competition in September

I am going...to pick up the Princess and bring her back here to spend the day with us

I am wondering...at how fast time keeps slipping into the future

I am reading..."These is my Words" a diary of Sarah Agnes Prine........and Heart of the Sea

I am hoping...to finish up the laundry today, do the chores on my schedule and get some fun things done as well

I am looking forward to...Club activities coming up......state conference....our Fall vacation...........College Football season.....cooler weather

I am hearing....the fan motor.......beautiful silence that being alone can bring.....

Around the house...peace

I am pondering..."the peace which surpasses all human understanding"

A favorite quote for today..."A friend is someone who comes in when all the rest go out"

One of my favorite things...a tidy workspace

A few plans for the rest of the week:Yesterday: a luncheon for International Students visiting Huntsville for 6 weeks (they were a joy to visit with while we enjoyed the food our members prepared for them)......hair appointment and lunch tomorrow with a friend.....book club on Friday.........some creative time in between.........and putting up fresh produce for the winter.....Bearents visitation on Saturday at Camp Goodbear

From my photo file.....

mid-July 2011 


  1. Congrats to your daughter for passing her nursing boards! Hope your hubby can get his BP meds adjusted to something that works better for him.

  2. Congrats to your daughter :)

    I never realized that woodpeckers ate from bird feeders...

    Hope hubby gets his meds adjusted. Ed's working on that one, too...

  3. All sounds good!

    I like a tidy workplace too!

    -So glad your dauhter passed her exams
    -can't imagine your temperatures
    -no woodpeckers here
    - I too think of what has to be done around the house and garden
    - no fan here (don't need it as we have the heating on tonight it is so cold!

    Have a lovely lovely week


  4. Love the birds. Keep enjoying them.

  5. Praise God that your uncle is ok, and congrats to your dear daughter.

  6. Good morning my friend. I have been missing from here for far too long. Seems I got lost along the way and retreated from life without knowing it. Spent the morning this morning reading some of my favorite blogs and friends that I have made several years ago. Decided it was time to get my act together and back to the blog. Sounds like life as usual around your house and a few things not so usual. Hope your summer is cooler than mine. Looks like a repeat of last summer. High of 113 today in the city so it means we will be 117 or higher.... that is too hot! Wishing you well............. Love Denise

  7. I am not at work today, as we have our friends funeral at 11. I am sitting snuggled up in my bed - it's a clear,cold day today. Listening to the radio and hearing about the traffic jams on my work route - thankful that I don't have to deal with them today! Thinking my dearest friend who is burying her young husband today after an awful fight against cancer - thankful for my family!That's what I'm up to today! As always I love this post of yours!