Thursday, May 31, 2012

This and That Thursday

Good morning,
I don't usually post on Thursday because there is no label over in my collection for a Thursday post....but I do have This and That so that is what I'm using.
Wonder Boy and I went out to lunch yesterday at O'Charley's for his Birthday....That is his favorite place to go and I like it too. He is now 14....can't believe the little tyke I used to spend my days with while his Mama worked, could be this young teenager....I pray we will always have this bond we formed back then. He was much more of a talker in those early years than he is now....I remember how upset he was when I moved to Memphis......
The Princess came after was her last day of 5th grade and she ended the year with an all A average....when I drove them home, she wanted to show me some things she'd made using her new sewing machine(a Christmas gift) warms my heart that she enjoys these domestic arts. I gave her a Children Quilt book and she wants to do a star quilt in bright colors.......She asked me how many I had made (quilts) and I had to show her the tops I have that haven't been quilted yet.
We worked on the puzzle a little bit.....its at that stage where it isn't too interesting and mostly involves trying lots of pieces to see which one fits....I hope to finish it in the next day or two and then I'll post a picture.
My son and his family are moving to Georgia, from Texas, in a few
 days....they will be nearer to us than they've been since we lived in Pennsylvania and they lived in Maryland....I'm hoping this means we'll see more of them and Honey Bear and I are already planning a trip for the latter part of July.....I may have to bite the bullet and drive through Atlanta so that I can go visit them on my own.....I know one doesn't really drive through Atlanta but the bypass is scary also with all that traffic.......
As I mentioned, I will have a give-away when my followers reach 100.....I'm keeping a watch but I might miss it, so if you're number 100, please let me know..........
Well, better get on with my day......
Mama Bear


  1. How proud you must be that your granddaughter enjoys the same types of things that you enjoy doing!

    Great news about your son moving closer! I'm missing Brad a lot since he's off in SC working during the week!

    My mouth ran water as I read your "Daybook Post"...It's hard to beat those "garden-fresh" vegetables, isn't it?

  2. Happy Birthday to Wonder Boy!! How wonderful that you were able to bring him out to lunch to celebrate:-) I remember when my boys were that age, trying to get them to talk was like trying to pull teeth! lol

    I love it that the Princess is showing such an interest in sewing, that's something you two will be able to share:-)

    Great news that your son and family are moving closer to you. I would love to move closer to my boys so that I could see my granddaughters more often and hopefully that's something that will happen in the future:-)

    Have a wonderful day my friend. xoxo

  3. Happy Birthday to Wonder Boy! Boys usually do get a little less talkative as they get older. My youngest has always been a talker, but my middle son got quite uncommunicative in his middle school years. Thankfully he evened out as he got older. It's neat that he went out to lunch with you.

    I love that your granddaughter is loving and learning domestic arts.

    That's so great that your son's family is moving closer. We lived outside Atlanta for four years, and driving through it always made me tense, but it was more manageable than I'd thought, at least when it wasn't rush hour.

  4. Time spent with Grand children is so special. I love it.

  5. Driving through Atlanta?! Scared? Oh boy, I know just what you mean. I hate having to go through Houston. Even if it's just the west side of Houston to the center [not completely driving through from one side to the other] to get to Erik's. The traffic, oh the traffic. With suburbs and all, the population is in the 5 million bracket...and they're ALL driving!! LOL

    You had some good times with your young family. It's great. And ya, teenagers always seem to not have much to say to us 'old folks''s all part of growing up I think. That will change with adulthood hits 'em.

  6. It's always nice for family to live close. I'm happy that your's will be closer.

    I'm blessed to have a daughter and Granddaughter and three soon to be four Great Grandsons living very close. Those boys ages five three and two are a rowdy bunch but oh gosh can they make me laugh.

    Driving through Atlanta sounds like a fright. I don't do well with traffic.

    Have a great weekend
    from Honeypot Lane

  7. hi! i just found your blog... i am #100 !! i used to quilt a lot, so, of course, i want to follow you!! i'm primarily an obsessed lace knitter! i just 'officially' got my prayer shawl ministry group underway at St.Mary's Catholic Church in Iowa City,IA!! ^)^ linda

    1. your BEARS caught my eye...i used to make bears from scraps of fabric i used to make my clothes from!!! i still have the 1st 'blue jean' bear i made for my 1st step-g'son...he gave it back to me for safe-keeping!! ^)^linda