Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook

I should probably warn you that this is a long post so grab a cuppa of your favorite beverage and spend a few minutes with me. I hadn't done much blogging in two weeks and found I had a lot to say...
From Mama Bear's Journal.....
FOR TODAY...Tuesday, May 15, 2012, 9:35am

Outside my window...sunny with mild temperatures of  71 °F,(22 °C) with a predicted high of 82. We've been having afternoon thundershowers but the humidity has remained low so it has been quite pleasant to sit out by the pond in the late afternoon. We usually feed the fish around 4:30 so it provides the perfect opportunity to sit and reflect on our day while spending some quality time together. We call it our Happy Hour. We have a lot of bird activity with blackbirds hanging around eating most of the seed. I really dislike Blackbirds except the red-winged ones. We've seen a few Goldfinch now that Thistle are blooming. The bunnies are more plentiful, we've discovered two different ages of offspring and sometimes catch a glimpse of several at one time. Honey Bear leaves the clover when he mows and they are hidden when they're eating unless they raise their heads....Squirrels: we have too many but Smokey enjoys watching their antics.

I am thinking...How nice it is to have the house to myself....Honey Bear worked out his notice at the Veteran's home and went to work for a home health organization. For two weeks now, he has been waiting for a client. Although he has had plenty of work to do around the house and garden, he has been in and out during the day. I've left him here and gone about my own activities but this is the first day I've had home alone.

I am thankful...that we get along so well...having him here with me is a blessing....I am thankful that God has given me patience in the autumn of my life.....I am thankful that we attended Sunday School and worship at the church which was our church home before we moved away, it was a blessing even if we had to leave home so early Sunday morning.....I am thankful Daughter graduated from Nursing School on Friday, it has been a stressful and exhausting two years for her especially with the ending of her marriage in the middle and having to support herself with the challenge of providing a second home for her and the children....I'm thankful the adjustment has been so smooth for those children..they seem to have weathered the storm well....its been a year and a half now since the storm began.....I'm thankful that their Father is cooperative and they have both worked so hard at making it easier for the children....God is so good!

In the kitchen...Zucchini, Zucchini, and more Zucchini! I have to look up recipes so I can use more of it.....which means Zucchini Quiche and Zucchini bread are on the menu for the day....I'm also planning menus for next week when my sister visits...........On my to-do list is kitchen clean-up (the major kind).

I am wearing...a pink T-shirt with Snoopy on the front with black and white pajama pants.

I am creating...the best friends block for the "My Favorite Things" quilt....we finished the Teapot puzzle yesterday and will begin a new one in the next few days.

I am going...to stay home today....Honey Bear is working 10-2 which means he leaves home before 9:30 and returns between 2:30-3:00...Daughter has my van as her car is in the shop having the AC repaired as well as an engine tune-up. She had to work today and also take the Princess to school early this morning. Rather than me having to get up way too early to chauffeur them both, I loaned her my van. She'll be off tomorrow and we should be able to go and get her car...the Princess will come here after school as usual on Tuesdays, although she has come more often lately....I love having her get off the bus here...

I am wondering...how soon we'll have ripe tomatoes in the garden...if everything is a month early then perhaps we'll have them by the first week in June...Yum!............I am wondering if I can hand quilt my sampler...

I am reading...Cutting for Stone....this was on the 2011 Book Club list but I didn't read it then....recently Daughter and I swapped Kindles so we could read each other's books. This is on hers...it is a good book which takes place in the 1950's in Ethiopia at a mission hospital.

I am hoping...to accomplish much housework today but work in some fun time in the studio, also.

I am looking forward to...the hours of my day.....catching the next episode of "Survivors", a BBC series I'm watching on Netflix.

I am learning....ways to survive if there is a global event which changes the way we live now.....what sort of supplies to stockpile for an emergency......learning to operate on less income now that Honey Bear doesn't earn as much ( we have his Social Security and a small pension) plus whatever he earns as a CNA.

Around the house...dusting in master bedroom and living room, wiping down baseboards, chair rails, cabinets and appliances in kitchen as well as moping the floor and vacuuming....laundry.....cooking...

praying for...Ashley's adoption(a healthy and uncomplicated birth)...full recovery after surgery for Mary, Annie, and Genece....safe and easy move for son and family in June....

I am pondering...ways to finish up the patriotic table runner and Fall candle mat.......

A favorite quote for today... God is big enough to care for the smallest needs.

One of my favorite things...walking barefoot through soft, green grass

From the garden...Zucchini and the occasional harvesting of Spinach....

A few plans for the rest of the week: Just the ones already mentioned plus spending some time with Daughter and Granddaughter......grocery shopping.....Book Club on Friday at Panera Bread to discus State of Wonder
From my picture file: 

Daughter receiving her diploma from Nursing School....not a very good photo since I forgot my camera and the Princess had to use my iphone. 

The idea for and the prompts used in this daybook are the creation of Peggy at The Simple Woman.


  1. Congratulations to your daughter! I'm glad everyone has weathered everything well.

    I really like having the house to myself in the day time. Though I love my husband and we get along, I think that would be one of the hardest parts of retirement, having someone else at home or in and out.

    I saw a zucchini recipe on Pinterst that I want to try:

  2. Congrats to your daughter! You must be thrilled for her! I'm glad you had a chance to visit your old church and especially your SS class! That must have been fun! Have a great week! :)

  3. Congrats to your dear daughter.

  4. Congratulations to your daughter! What a wonderful accomplishment for her!

    I hope your hubby likes his new job :)

    We, too, have been learning and collecting--just in case. That's why Ed and I are gardening and canning again--after all of these years.

  5. What a lovely meme to participate in! I'm curious, do the questions change each month? You really do have such a cute blog. I know where did that come from, right? I just wanted to say I like the feeling your site gives me, but of course, I love teddy bears. =D Thanks for stopping by my place yesterday. It's always a pleasure to see you! =D

  6. Long time no see!!! I'm happy for your daughter and your husband, but most of all, I'm happy to see that you posted some on your blog.

    My sister-in-law makes the bestest brownies ever. Moist, delicious. And made from zucchini!!!!

    SHADOWS AND SUMMARIES is a link to my newest post for the day! Hope you can find time to view...and, have a super glorious Sunday!!!