Friday, May 25, 2012

Fuuny Friday

Good Friday Morning, Everybear
Wil here....

Mama has decorated with the patriotic theme
she will leave up until the end of Summer...
She says this is Memorial Day
Weekend, when we pay tribute
to all those who have given 
their lives in service to our 
country: The USA
I thought I would get into the spirit...

I'm one of the decorations on the front porch...
Can you find me?
Anyway, Mama and Papa
have invited family for 
a cook-out on Saturday evening...
We'll also be celebrating May Birthdays
and Graduations....
Are you celebrating?

Hello everyone...
Mama Bear here...
My sister has been visiting this week
and we have been very busy so not much time for blogging
or visiting...
Yesterday, we went to my favorite thrift store
and one of the things I brought home was this bag...
I've already given it a wash and removed a spot which
was on the front (I hung it out under the canopy to dry)....this is a Vera Bradley
bag for which I payed $5 ...
Have you gotten any bargains lately?
Have a wonderful weekend.....


  1. Hi Wil,

    Wow, You sitting on the porch with all the red, white & blue decorations sure makes for a classy picture. I love your sweater.

    That bag that your Mom bought - it looks like a perfect size to carry you around on shopping trips.

    We are having our celebrations on Sunday. Happy Memorial Day weekend.

    Heaps of Hugs ♥

  2. I love your patriotic decorations! I've been slack and haven't gotten mine up yet. No plans for the weekend either--yet! It's been a "trying" week here, due to our wind storm on Tuesday.

    I love Vera Bradley bags. It's the only kind of bag I use. $5 was a great buy. Hope you enjoy it--and your weekend!

  3. We're just spending quiet time at home. wil you look great as part of the decorations.

    I love your Vera Bradley bag. That was a bargain!

    Happy Weekend

  4. Wil looks great decorating the front.... he seems to be a very patriotic bear....
    Great bag to find....

  5. When I was a lot younger...Memorial Day was for remembering those OF FAMILY leaving us decorate graves. I still think of that way. Veteran's Day in November is for those who serve our country. I'd like to know when it all changed.

    Love your new thrift find!!! That is amazing. And the colors are super.