Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook

From Mama Bear's Journal
FOR TODAY...Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Outside my window...the sun is shinning, there's a slight breeze, the temperature is  67 °F,  (19 °C)...it is a beautiful Spring day....we've been enjoying radishes and a few strawberries from the garden....

I am thinking...Life is good....

I am thankful...and reminded of these words from a song by Martina McBride: "I have been blessed...and I feel like I've found my place...I thank God for all I've been given...at the end of everyday...I am so blessed."

In the kitchen...not much....I'm thinking of having something simple for lunch...

I am wearing...my pajamas as usual....I promise you that I do eventually get dressed.

I am creating...more blocks for this...

and scrapbook pages for the grandchildren...
I am going...no place until Thursday

I am wondering...if we'll have showers today and if I need to go put our cushions away that are still on our outdoor furniture...there is a slight chance and the sun has gone under a cloud...

I am reading...Dark Rising by Greg Beck......a couple of weeks ago, Daughter and I swapped Kindles so we could read each other's books....I have about finished hers as she only had a few....not sure when I'll get mine back as there were 47 books on there.....I ordered a couple of paperbacks yesterday from Amazon, though.

I am hoping...it doesn't rain although we have a fire hazard warning because the humidity level is so low.

I am looking forward to...our monthly club meeting...it seems so long since we met....

Around the house...things are mostly tidy...I need to make the bed and dust Jim's end table....

I am hearing...an airplane in the far distance....a Dove cooing....silence (I love silence)

I am pondering... O may I find in anger’s grip
The strength to temper tongue and lip;
But failing that, may God grant me
The courage for apology. —Kilgore

A favorite quote for today... A soft answer has often been the means of breaking a hard heart. 

One of my favorite things...finding joy in everyday things

A few plans for the rest of the week: Granddaughter coming after school today,  RMH club meeting Thursday evening, Book Club Friday morning

From my photo file: 
Red Honeysuckle growing on the faux fence....

the prompts for day book are brought to you by The Simple Woman.


  1. That is a beautiful quilt! Your ponderings and your quote are both really good too!

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a red honeysuckle before!!!! And dusting? Oh I should do that myself. It's been since I've done spring cleaning that I've dusted...and that was one room at a time...so, I know I could probably write my blog post on the dresser. I wish you'd send the rain here...I'll take it...lawn furniture cushions and all...let 'er rain!!

  3. The photo of the honeysuckle is beautiful.

  4. I love to take my time getting dressed, too. It's nice not to have to rush...
    I've enjoyed eating radishes from the garden, too. Now that the radishes are getting too big, I've been feeding the tops to the chickens! (they won't eat the roots)

  5. Your SKOW is just beautiful! I am so behind on this project and really need to concentrate on getting caught up. Hope all is going well with you.