Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Simple Woman's Daybook

From Mama Bear's Journal....

FOR TODAY...Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Outside my window...the sun is is  63 °F,  (17 °C)..thunderstorms are forecast for this afternoon..the plants I moved outside, after wintering inside, are clustered together where I can see them...the Coleus and Poinsettia are a nice contrast to the other green ones...I need to put the coleus in a bigger pot or in the ground and their tops need to be pinched so they don't grow any leggier...I'm wondering if the Mandevilla will start blooming again soon...I've never kept one over the winter before.....we have Goldfinch and Purple Finch feeding at the Thistle feeder....and best of all, the Red Headed Woodpeckers are back from their Winter home.....

I am hearing...farming equipment in the field at the end of the street (planting cotton).....Smokey eating dried food

I am thinking...about the time I spent with the Princess yesterday....we did some scrapbooking...I helped her with her homework....we sat outside by the pond while I fed the fish......I made chicken Quesadillas  for dinner....

I am thankful...for electricity, AC, the beauty of nature, changing seasons, friends and family

In the kitchen...I'm making a beef/tomato/noodle casserole for dinner

I am wearing...pajamas

I am I made two chain guards for bracelets that fasten with toggles....a pair of earrings and a Birthday bracelet for my sister (June) she's a Gemini.......the last pages for the genealogy albums for myself and Daughter (finishing up the ones for my side of the family).....scrapbook pages for the Princess and Wonder Boy's books...she did the one for Christmas 2010 yesterday, I'm working on a Birthday for him that was held at the Bowling Alley a few years back.....then I need to trace some stitchery....and cut the binding for two quilts my clubs is making to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness in will be a gift for a speaker at State Conference and the other we will use to raise money for Breast Cancer research.

I am going...nowhere today....staying home

I am wondering...about the coincidence of my waiting until Wednesday to do my day book and Joyce taking a break from Hodge Podge this week.

I am reading...The Art of Racing in the Rain.....I just started it and am finding it is told from the view point of a dog....he recounts how he came to live with his present owner and the events of their life together.

I am hoping...for clear skies on Friday

I am looking forward to...spending time with my sister on Friday

Around the house...things are mostly tidy and laundry is caught up..

I am pondering...plans for the weekend

A favorite quote for today...True silence is the rest of the mind, and is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.
William Penn
One of my favorite things...spending time with family

A few plans for the rest of the week...: Christian Women Connection luncheon tomorrow and possibly a trip to Michaels and a stop at the grocery store......then a road trip on Friday to spend some time with my sister and visit my Dad's sister......Easter lunch prep on on Sunday

From my picture file.....

my favorite rose

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  1. Amen on the air conditioning! I think I'd die of heat stroke if we didn't have it. Your beef/tomato/noodle casserole sounds delish. The book sounds very entertaining.

    Have a blessed week, and may this Resurrection Sunday be especially sweet. He Is Risen!

  2. the red headed woodpecker is striking.... enjoy your day...

  3. I always love your daybooks. It makes me feel peace when I drop by and read them. Love your picture too!!! Hope you have a Happy Easter with your family. Thanks for the prayers for my Mom.

  4. I really missed the's addictive. And that Yellow Rose...I can see why it's your favorite. Oh and the woodpecker, it's like he was posing for you and your camera...picture post card perfect.

    Happy Easter...and enjoy your time with your sister.

  5. Good morning! Having serious computer issues these past three days~laptop is unable to connect and waiting on new equipt to arrive...wonder if I jinxed myself
    Our tomato plants are doing well and we are just starting to get radishes but we've been cropping lettuce for a couple of weeks good!!!! Hope your plants continue to do well and that you will post pics of the tomatoes!!

  6. I love your beautiful pictures, especially the woodpecker!

    I hope you have a nice visit with your sister, and a blessed Easter.