Monday, February 27, 2012

Meet Me on Monday

1. What was the first live concert you ever attended?
I really can't family attended Gospel music concerts on a regular basis......the last one I attended was a Lee Greenwood concert with my daughter.
2. What colors look best on you?
Jewel tones....I am a Winter......royal blue, red and fuschia all are equal but I prefer red
3. What is one thing about you that most people wouldn't know?
I have no sense of smell....even those closest to me sometimes forget.
4. Who would you call to be bailed out of jail?
Well, I hope I never have to find out but of course, I'd call my Honey Bear first.
5. What do you think is the greatest invention of your lifetime and why?
Central air least it is the one I appreciate most in my daily life....I grew up without even heat in every room. When I was a child we had a coal burning stove in the living room and the kitchen was often warm because of cooking 3 meals a day on the electric range but the rest of the house was unheated....In the humid, southern summer, we had small fans to cool the house but they only moved warm air around...naturally we spent a lot of time outdoors in the shade.

Thanks to Heather for hosting each week and giving us good questions to ponder....

note: Honey Bear and Mama Bear are both suffering from colds, coughs and sore I've not been doing much computer understand, I know.....instead, I'm reading a book that has over 800 pages so it is taking a bit of time.....unlike some people, taking medication for a cold doesn't make me sleepy, instead it keeps me awake...and my Asthma doesn't allow deep breathing with all the congestion, therefore I am very tired.
I hope all is well with you....


  1. Oh dear, I do hope you and Honey Bear get over your colds real soon, no fun being sick:-( Touch wood, I've manage to stay away from colds/flu so far this winter!!

    Central air conditioning certainly is one of the greatest inventions! A washer & dryer would be one of my favourites because I remember watching my mom doing laundry when I was a little girl and it was horrible, would take her all day. And then having to hang everything on the clothesline to dry. I remember in the winter time, our clothes being frozen stiff on the line! lol Enjoyed reading your answers to the questions. xoxo

  2. I hope that you get to feeling better soon. I certainly appreciate my AC here in Phoenix, but I remember when we only had evaporative coolers. Have a good day.

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon. The cold bug was visiting our house week before last :(

    Your childhood memories sound similar to mine--only one heater in one room, in the winter, and a fan blowing hot air in summertime. Yay for central heat/air :) Ed and I actually didn't get our first central heat/ac until 1999! For years, we heated with a Buckstove, then later bought two window units that doubled as heatpumps/air conditioners...It was wonderful to finally get central put in :)

  4. Hope you feel better soon.... enjoyed your answers today...

  5. Like the new heading. An an Autumnal person you be -- with a touch of red and navy, sounds like my kind of person, great post.

  6. Praying for you and your honey bear to feel much better.

  7. Oh you poor thing... feeling unwell is NEVER nice is it! But look on the bright side you get to enjoy a book! :)

  8. I am so sorry you're not feeling well! Hope you both feel better soon.

    I do remember growing up without AC, too, and having fans going during the summer. I thought my aunt's house was so luxurious when she got central AC, LOL! I depend on it a lot now.

  9. I'm sorry you have been sick. I hope you are both feeling better now.