Monday, February 13, 2012

Meet Me On Monday

1. Are you planning anything for Valentine's Day?
Our anniversary is the 10 and I planned a special dinner for that night. We're going to Opryland Hotel for a night later this month. I am baking red velvet cupcakes and gifting my honey with candy. That is about all the plans I have. I am giving valentines to a few special people in my life. And of course, there's Wil's Valentine Tea Party tomorrow.
2. What song automatically popped into your head when you saw this question?
Martina McBride sings a song. I think it is called My Valentine. She had an entire CD of love songs a few years back that was sold exclusively by Hallmark. I love every song on it and it is especially meaningful this month.
3. What did you have for breakfast today?
A toaster pastry. I like the non-frosted brown sugar/cinnamon ones.
4. Where do you keep your keys?
In my purse
5. Who was your favorite teacher from when you were in school?
Mr Johnson

Heather at Acting Balanced is hosting some questions for Monday while Java is taking a break. Please go over and give her your support.
Thanks, Heather
I've missed it, too.


  1. Good morning.. cold rain and snow here. Winter has finally reared its ugly head. Wondered if it was going to show up at all. I have been sitting here at my PC for over a month and half now getting my brothers web site finished. I put everything on the back burner and got it finished. Now I am out and about trying to catch up on the ladies!

    Hope you are happy and well and your hubby and daughter and grand kids are well. Our little rental is empty so I am in the process of finding someone to live there.. I hate that process. You never really know people.

    Love ya!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day for tomorrow! xx

  3. I enjoyed reading your answers. I hope you have a very Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!

  4. A belated happy anniversary to you!

  5. I do hope you have a wonderful valentines day.