Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Although this is a picture of a school, I believe it started life 
as a church.

It is another rainy day here in North Alabama. Honey Bear had to work. I slept until around 8:15 before I got up. I managed to get the decorations off the tree and the tree in its box. I like to take all of the decorations down, carry them to the guest room or study and then put them in their boxes to be packed away, later. Things are starting to look less like Christmas now. No matter if the tree is artificial, it still leaves needles on the floor and those have to be vacuumed up.

In November, I had a give-away to mark my blog anniversary. I had my granddaughter choose a number to pick the winner. It was Fiona over at Bubz Rugz. I am planning to get that in the mail this week. She has been faithful to visit and comment since we met at SAL. She has also been very helpful with her tutorials and advice about quilting.

I've been watching some movies on the computer lately using Netflix. The last few have been set in Scotland or England. On the same subject, Honey Bear and I went to see "War Horse" between Christmas and New Year's Day. I enjoyed the film.

Yesterday, I spent the morning working on paperwork for the women's clubs I belong to. We had planning meetings for both the county and the local club last week and the notes from both needed to be typed up.

I spoke with my son yesterday. He is having a second back surgery this week. Please keep him in your prayers on Wednesday when the surgery is taking place. Also, pray that he will listen to the doctors this time and take the time to heal..........In other news, they may be relocated this summer to Georgia which would be better for me. Maybe I would see them more often.

The rabbit is back under the porch. We saw him last week in the late afternoon, come out and head to the garden to nibble on lettuce. Honey Bear has started seedlings for this year's garden already.

I still haven't written out any goals for the new year, although, I have some mulling around in my head.

This is the weekend that we had snow last year. It began on Sunday night and we had about 7 inches before it stopped. I'll take the rain any day over snow.
Well, I hope your weekend is going well.
Mama Bear


  1. I have wanted to see War Horse too!!! We have been so busy it seems. We got all our decorations down too. Afterwards, we wondered if it was worth it since my hands are killing me and hubbys back is killing him. lol I think we are getting old. We will keep your son in our prayers. Keep us updated. I sure am glad to be back in the blogging world. I have missed YOU!!!!

  2. Sounds like life is getting back to normal in your neck of the woods. It is a bit cooler today-67--but a really nice day to be outside. Hope that you have a happy peaceful week.

  3. I've heard War Horse was a terrific film. Hubby and I are also wanting to see the newest Sherlock Holmes movie ... we really enjoyed the first one. I'll admit -- my Yankee blood shows through when I make statements like this: I much would prefer snow to rain in January!! Have a great week! :)

  4. Stopping by to catch up with what's been going on with you...I finally got my last tree down this weekend, too.

    We could use some of that rain that you spoke of! It's been a sunny, warm weekend, but is so dry...

    I pray that your son's surgery is successful.

  5. I just want to tell you that I certainly will be praying for your son, when he has spinal surgery. I have had about 6 operations on my spine and I know what he will be going through. I do hope all goes well.

  6. I didn't know artificial trees still dropped needles.

    I'm sorry to hear your son will need surgery but I hope it goes successfully. It will be so nice if they do move to GA.

    N snow here, yet, either, except for some that came down but didn't stick last weekend. I'm happy with about one good snowfall a year.

  7. I love the church.. .and what a lovely surprise I read about... thanks ... big hugz to you... thinking of your son's operation... hope all goes well.... I was thinking about last years weather too here... we are very hot here but this time last year we were experiencing a lot of floods

  8. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and visiting...... I will be posting the next trade this week. Hugs

  9. You continue to have a busy life! My Christmas tree remains up all year -- I just don't turn on the lights for 11 months unless someone new visits me and I want to show off. lol I wish we could get some snow here. . . maybe we won't get any this year. sigh

    One day in the near future, I will develop a new blog with this name my new internet provider has allowed me to choose.