Friday, January 6, 2012

Funny Friday/This and That

Wil here with a Funny Friday post

Here I am with James, my best buddy..

We love to read and Mama buys us lots of
books about Bears...

 Thanks for stopping by....

Look what I found at Wally World
I needed a shallow container for all
the bits and pieces that are accumulating
in the "My Favorite Things" quilt I'm doing with
the girls over at Stitch-a-long...

This one stacks and is actually 3 different sections...

I put the 2" strips and the 1.5" strips
plus the squares in this section...

The prints for the applique in the center section..

the beige pieces for the background in this section...

Here they all are stacked together...

This is the first panel of the quilt...
I haven't posted all week. Honey Bear had two days off early in
the week....then I had meetings on two days
today I needed to go to Wally World for staples for the
I'll be taking down the holiday decorations
and putting them away this weekend....
Mama Bear


  1. Hi Wil,

    Sure looks like you and James are the best of friends. Are you brothers? Have lots of fun this weekend. Don't forget to get into a little mischief (giggle).

    Your Mom does "bee-u-tee-ful" quilting. We love that panel. Are you allowed in her sewing room?

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. Dear Wil,
    Just be careful taking down the Christmas decorations. I know you and James will be playing with the tinsel and decorations, so just be very CAREFUL that your mum does not put you in the box by mistake.It would be next year before we saw you.

  3. What a great first panel! And I really like the storage unit that you found. I have finally selected my fabrics and need to start on this quilt. Yours is looking good. Wil be careful around all those decoration boxes or you may get packed away!

  4. Organisation , Bears are very organised, beary bearry organised. The quilt is coning along at a nice rate, and looking good.

  5. That stacker is a great idea! Good find! :)

  6. Must be the weather that makes what quilters are working on look so inviting - in addition to the lovely work itself.

    I've got bear books too. Don't you just love the Jane Hissey illustrations. Perhaps we should have a "read a bear book" day!

    Have fun sewing!

  7. Your quilt is going to be darling! You should visit the guild this month -- they're show the movie "Stitches" and it should be lots of fun! Let me know if you're interested. And I'll be taking down the Christmas decorations this weekend, too! :)

  8. Always fun ti read your posts. Quilt looks interesting! Neat storage unit too! One of these days I will get started on a new blog with my new name sine I have a new ISP with this computer. . . not making any promises when tho. I will continue to drop by here tho.

  9. That quilt panel is really cute.

  10. Just finished taking down the Christmas tree and all the stuff...... and we are painting my shop, so things are a mess but it will be so nice when finished.. it was a dark dreary color and not it is very very light mint green. (oops) you are not crazy about green..... I am going to remember that......... After we get the painting done I am going to organize my life!!!!!!! I have so many things I want to make this year..... kinda lost last year... Here is to life and love and moving forward....


  11. I must say, Wil, you and your friend must be well learned if you've been reading all these books:-) Good for you!!!

    What a great container to have for all your bits & pieces for the quilt, it will make it so much easier having everything in one place for it. xoxo

  12. your quilt is going well........great containers for organising the bits and pieces.........your first section looks great..........