Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

From Mama Bear's journal...
Outside my window...a different window this morning as I decided to record the scene outside our bedroom window on the East side...I see the faux fence Honey Bear put up the first Spring we lived here to block our view of the neighbor's drive...we had brought some small pieces of our Jasmine in a pot from the other house( and planted it there...this year it is blooming, covers about half of the top of the fence(all this from two small sprigs)...I can also see the top of cedar in my neighbor's yard....its 49 °F, (9 °C) with some wind and a predicted high for today of 65 F....rain is moving in for the afternoon and evening....Smokey is sitting in the window beside me.
Hearing...the wind, a automobile motor, a dog barking and the fan on the laptop
I am thinking...the Bradford Pear blooms are playing havoc with my respiratory system once again..just when the weather becomes nice enough for outdoor walking...
Feeling thankful for...Honey Bear's job(saw a segment on 60 minutes Sunday night about families that have lost their jobs and homes)
I am remembering...how good it was to be with extended family on Saturday night..50+members of my Mother's branch of the family met at a restaurant...I saw my siblings for the first time in several months...gave them the scrapbooks which got passed around and viewed by many there.
Creating this...
The shawl and bear I mentioned last week
stitchery for Tis The Season Stitch-A-long
And planning to begin quilting this....remember it....my class quilt from several years ago.

Finished this one.

I am currently reading...
Just finishing up this Book Club selection for March although we've already discussed it...Franklin is 
in his 2nd term as President where I'm reading
I'm a little over half way through this one on my Kindle
I want to finish these as I'm ready to move on to something else
One year ago today...my wrist was giving me fits(ended up with it in a brace for about a month)...Spring was putting on a colorful show...I was reading Family Tree by Barbara Delinsky..I was planning a trip to Memphis 
I am hoping...to get back to tracking my food intake....I strayed the week of retreat and haven't been able to get my act together since...I was so hoping to have lost more by now....at least I haven't gained it all back...but I'll feel better once I lose at least 7 more pounds.
On my mind...a family in crisis...how things change....believing all things work for good for those who know the Lord...hard to see that when one is in a valley......getting busy with my to-do list
Noticing that...Smokey loves to be in the room with me wherever I am...when I began this, he was in the window, now he is asleep on the bed.
Pondering these words..."Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face." Victor Hugo
From the kitchen...there's some ground sirloin that needs browning for the freezer...dishwasher needs to be unloaded...no cooking going on
Around the house...finish up laundry then work in studio...I vacuumed yesterday
I am praying for...Abbey(car accident), her parents and grandmother: Margaret.....Denise&Eddie, Tammi, a silent request from a friend...the family in crisis...others I've read about since last week.
A few plans for the week...I had planned to attend a meeting in Guntersville tomorrow but looking at the weather, I'm not sure I want to be out driving....fellowship dinner at church tomorrow night...club meeting Thursday night
One of my favorite things...spending time with family
From my picture file...

Benches seen on my walk.

Brought to you by Peggy.


  1. Hey Mama Bear,
    I love reading your Daybook posts. I always feel like I've been to your home for a visit when I finish reading them! I need to get back to doing daybook posts, but I keep getting side-tracked.

    Smokey sounds like my kind of kitty...My Bobs is moody. Sometimes she likes to be near me, other times she's a loner. It depends on how much noise is where I'm at. (she's formerly a feral cat, therefore she's still somewhat skittish) I call Bobs my "special needs" kitty :)

    I, too, am thankful that my husband has a job. The economy is just awful. The small hospital where hubby works is struggling. We've already experienced one hospital closing, sure hope we don't go through that again...

    Have a great Tuesday!

  2. I too like reading ypour posts . Blogging is like having pen pals when were children. I had a cousin who lived in Chicago and we would correspond every so often. Your Gardener's journal quilt has come up lovely. Our craft group have been making thje prayer shawls and they are so feminine and beautiful. Reading about politicians, I find is vey interesting, the times and how they view the events going on around them. I finished Barrack Obama The Bridge and then went on to the biography of our previous Prime Minister John Howard, he served as P.M. for 13 years. As time passes so does governing. Your prayers for Abbey were welcoming to read, thank you dear friend.

  3. I always love coming here and visiting with you. I feel like I am talking to you when you post your day. It is pouring rain here today. It is suppose to be 2 inches. A good day to stay home. I love those benches. I want a glider like that one in your picture. I think it is the 3rd one down.

  4. You have used your time wisely to make so many needlework things! Thanks for reminding me I forgot to stop by this particular post BECAUSE you have four lovely, extraordinary benches pictured! I shall have to tell my internet penpal in France about your post -- she also has a bench blog! Her computer is in the shop right now but I know she would love to see them!