Monday, March 14, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

Welcome to the 38th edition of 
"Meet Me On Monday!"
Each week, I join Java in answering questions
hoping that we all might get to know one another 


1.  Do you have a fireplace in your home? 
Yes, we have one in the living room which has gas logs in it but is actually a wood burning fireplace. I would like to take the logs out and install a gas starter so we could burn logs. The pilot light makes so much noise that I keep it shut off so we never use it the way it is now.
2.  Can you drive a stick shift? 
Yes, although it has been many years since I have driven one....our first car was a Volkswagen....later we had a Vega with 4 in the floor. I've also driven a 5 gear truck.
3.  How many computers are in your home? 
Five laptops, a Blackberry and an iphone.
4.  Are your taxes done yet?  Do you do them yourself?
No, Honey Bear always does our taxes and he'll put it off until the weekend before they have to be done....
5.  What is your favorite meal of the day? 
I don't really have a favorite.


  1. Taxes....ewww!!! I personally think the government should implement a 'flat tax' for income like they do sales tax...a certain percentage of your income goes to the feds. That way, it would eliminate the IRS AND we wouldn't have to figure tax every year. So simple.

    Today's post Link: Sand Dollars and Sea Drift Seeds

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday... have a glorious day!!

  2. I also have 5 computers but only one is a laptop. I can't seem to give away my old computers so use them to show movies when going to sleep, etc. I used them in my classroom when I was still teaching.

  3. Hello, Mama Bear! I enjoyed reading your answers! Hope you are having a good week so far! :~) Karen

  4. Hi! I am visiting from meet me on Monday- although a little late...

    I have a fireplace and I love it. Although I am a CPA I don’t do my taxes, but I do friends and family’s returns

    I host a weekly “fill in” blog hop – every Friday…. If you can, please check it out…