Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Good Morning!
This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it!
The sun is shinning and the temperature promises to be in the 70s is glorious out and we are planning to go for a walk on the greenway.

I wanted to share some about the retreat I went on this past week. This was a return visit... last March we spent one night there...we decided that wasn't nearly enough time, especially if we wanted to work on any projects. The place  is called Red Rooster Retreat and is located on Smith Lake in Crane Hill, Alabama near Cullman and just a little over 70 miles from Huntsville. Last year, 7 members of our women's club went. This year we had 10 signed up but unfortunately 2 of them had the flu so we were only 8. We had so much fun, laughing until our bellies ached, eating wonderful food, playing games that helped us get better acquainted, working together on quilts and puzzles, going for walks, reading and just bonding together into even deeper friendships....One thing we didn't do much of is sleeping..
 a few of the rooms have four beds, some have only 2
 We enjoyed all of our meals in this area, surrounded by windows that frame the treetops...3 bird feeders outside the windows provided us with spell binding bird watching activity as we dined.

 The menu for each meal is posted here prior to the dinner bell ringing at 8 AM, 12 Noon, and 6 PM.
 A challenging puzzle without the traditional straight edges and corners.
 This bar area contains a fridge and complimentary snacks for and ice are available at all times.
 The couple who run the retreat with the help of family members, live in the upstairs wing to the left. Jennifer, the cook/owner has an apartment for her mother in the basement.
 a view of the great room with lots of tables, lights, ironing boards, etc. for spreading out projects
 Our walks were quite a workout with all the hills surrounding the retreat....some of us enjoyed a healing massage later that morning


  1. So happy you are having good weather. The snow is falling here to be sure. I haven't been on a retreat in years -- We have many at the camp so the opportunity for me is rare. Sounds wonderful!

  2. Looks like a great beautiful place to have a retreat at.

  3. WOW what a beautiful place for a retreat. It sounds absolutely wonderful. Hugs

  4. Oh what a lovely place! So good for the soul, spending time with special friends! The laughs are the best!

  5. I could spend many days there! It looks like it was a refreshing experience. I loved the teapot puzzle and thought it was a quilt at first. Thanks for sharing!

  6. That place is unreal. I know that you had a wonderful time.

  7. What a lovely place! I'm glad you had a nice time.

  8. Looks like a beautiful place. I have the fondest memories of retreats with is the Best time!!

  9. Looks like a great place for a retreat! Glad you had such a good time!

  10. Oh my....... that looks like a wonderful time away girl..... I know you had a great time.. Hope you rested kinda' and sounds like you laughed alot!

    Have a good week girl..I think it is going to be beautiful..

  11. This looks like such a wonderful place for a retreat. It is so beautiful! It sounds like you had a GREAT time! Karen

  12. I've always wanted to go on a retreat like that. Maybe someday. Glad you had such nice weather and a good time. We have another snow storm coming through that started late this afternoon. We'll probably end up with another 10 inches of snow, just after our grass was showing. Of course we won't have really warm weather for a long time anyway!