Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Good Sunday morning to you all, since I've posted, we've had another snow here in North Alabama. It began about 6 PM on Wednesday night and by 10 we had 3 inches. Schools were canceled again on Thursday but by noon the roads were clear and dry. This weekend it has been in the 50s and sunny. I've begun to see more bird activity. The Bluebirds have been flocking to the suet and also checking out the houses. Last night, Honey Bear and I sat outside with a fire in the fire pit just as it began to get dusky dark. We saw the Bluebirds pile into an old gourd we have hanging in one of the pine trees. Guess they are sleeping there. The Chickadees are checking out their yellow box. We moved it from Memphis, we had Chickadees nest in it there. So far, not here. Maybe this year.
Our annual Celebration Day is coming up on the 19th for the club. It used to be called Achievement Day. It is the time we honor all the hard work the clubs in the county have put in during the previous year...Daughter is planning it this year and it will be at her church. Yesterday we went out to find some items for table decorations and goody/treat bags for each place setting. We're expecting about 60 ladies to participate. The theme is "Night at the Oscars" and the speaker, from the church,  titled his speech: Best Actress Award: Mary or Martha. I thought that was fitting.
In the meantime, 10 of our club members are going on retreat this week, Tuesday-Thursday. I am looking forward to this. I still have to gather some things to work on while there.
As I mentioned, I had the February club meeting here at my house on Thursday. 18 ladies were present. It was a challenge to fit them all into my living room but we managed.

If you read the Daybook post last week, the picture was of our boxwood by the front walk, with Christmas lights on it and then the 4 inches of snow we got on Christmas Day. I think Kayren's guess came closest.

I have a question for you: "What color dominates your closet?"
Have a great Sunday....I'm off to dress for church.
Mama Bear


  1. We just got back from a wonderful church service.

    We have chickadees here all winter long. At times I wonder how they survive, however they always do. I can't wait until the robins, orielles and other song birds are back. It's awesome to listen to them first thing in the morning. Hope you have a wonderful Sun. Hugs

  2. All the snow you are having is amazing...
    Keep snuggled and warm!!
    My cupboard.... probably more blue than anything else!

  3. Enjoy your week sis. Blue dominates my closet sweety.

  4. I hope that all that bird activity means spring is about here. Black. Black is mostly in my closet. I just went and looked and never noticed that.

  5. Thankfully we haven't had any more snow. Your Achievement Day sounds neat.

    In the spring and summer the color that dominates my closet is pink.In the fall and winter I tend to have more of a variety in darker colors -- maroon, green, blue, purple, black. I do love the pink more, though!

  6. I've been reading down to here to find out about the retreat you were talking about. Sounds like an enjoyable time.

    Black dominates my closet! I love to wear it year around!