Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...Its 32 °F, (0 °C) with a wind chill of 26....It is a little cloudy but I think the sun might peak out here in a minute...Its supposed to reach 40 which is great...and at the moment I see no critters...oh but wait a small flock of Purple Finch just landed on the feeder and a Carolina Wren is down in the tube searching for bugs, with a Titmouse making quick stops for seed.
Hearing...the landscape equipment at the new houses behind me....the furnace and clocks ticking
I am thinking...mostly about the meeting I'm hosting tomorrow night and how to fit 16 ladies into my   living room.
Feeling thankful for...44 years of marriage..our anniversary is this week...my daughter told someone we'd been married 44 years and they asked, "To the same people?".....also thankful that my children are Christian and so know to lean on The Lord when life becomes unbearable and loved ones do the unthinkable.
I am remembering...that my parents had been married just one month shy of 60 years when Mother went home....
Creating this...ideas for projects, mostly...have to get the GJ to the sewing machine and get quilting...I tidied my embroidery thread yesterday, returning spools from previous projects to the case...a welcoming home for quests
I am currently reading..."Same Kind of Different as Me" sort of a Biography of two men from different backgrounds and how their paths come together...by Denver Moore and Ron Hall...book club selection for April
One year ago today...Honey Bear and I spent the weekend before at a B&B in Mentone, Alabama to celebrate 43 years together where we enjoyed walks in the woods, cuddling in our room, dining in quaint local restaurants...
the hot water heater wasn't working...I was working on this cross stitch:

which I never finished..discovered I was reading the pattern wrong and using the wrong number of threads...see the Bs.and her feet..Do you think I should go ahead and finish it, leaving the mistakes...would you know if I didn't tell you?
Also, it has been a year since the shooting in a local middle school....there is a new era of bullying in our schools with texting, facebook and Twitter...
I am hoping...and praying that things work out....I know The Lord is in charge...I just have to lean on Him and not worry about "stuff"
On my mind...plans for the day...
Noticing that...the sun has made an appearance...Smokey has gotten under his blanket beside me on the sofa...there is a Downy Woodpecker on the feeder now
Pondering these words..."No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" Aesop
"Love is Kind" I Corinthians: 13:4........but sometimes humans aren't!
From the kitchen....leftover pork from Saturday night..I suppose I will freeze it.....making red velvet cupcakes tomorrow for our meeting...and homemade pimento cheese for little sandwiches to be served with some fresh strawberries, mixed nuts and chocolate & conversation hearts
Around the house...I have someone coming to clean on Thursday morning(hope she doesn't get snowed in)...need to vacuum chairs, wash afghans...arrange seating....change bed linens and start laundry...but perhaps I'll just watch a movie instead...its my choice after all.
I am praying for...my family and you, my friends
A few plans for the week...Accompany Daughter to an appointment tomorrow...short shopping trip for supplies...dinner at church tomorrow night...club meeting Thursday night...(also anniversary)... Honey Bear's homecoming Friday night...our real celebration will be when we go to Charleston in March
One of my favorite things...
From my picture file...Can you guess what this is?


  1. I enjoyed that book -- I'd love to hear what you think of it when you're done.

    I'd finish the cross stitch. I would never have know there was a mistake in it.

    An early happy Anniversary to both of you!

    No, I can't tell what the photo is.

  2. Happy anniversary to you. I always get a smile on my face when I see others who have been married as long or longer than we have. it's wonderful to see especially in today's society. Have no idea what the photo is. Hugs

  3. (here from Simple woman's daybook)
    Happy anniversary to you! I love seeing people married, and yes to the same people, for a long time. My parents have reached 46 and it makes me so happy to see them together. Me, I'm still a spring chicken (only 22 1/2 years so far!).

    And I'd finish the cross stitch - it looks fine!

  4. Hello!
    Finish that cross stitch, it looks perfect to me!
    Happy anniversary to you and Honey Bear. It's quite a feat these days to find couples whose marriage has withstood the test of time. You are blessed! Charleston is a great place to celebrate!
    I have no idea what your photo is!

  5. First of all Happy Anniversary!!! You should be so proud. I love hearing about your days. And if you had not told me I would not know that there were mistakes in your cross stich. I love it. I still don't see them. And I have got to know.....what is that picture????

  6. Have a wonderful celebration , Life is good when we can enjoy each other over so many years. No idea what the picture is unless it is part of a wedding ring.

  7. YES it is your choice after all. hahah hope you enjoyed that movie! I have no idea what that picture is so am going to just not guess.... I think that Spring might just be on the horizon! Next Wednesday is going to be 70 degrees! OMG.. Dirt time!

    Thinking of you and praying........

  8. Tell me how you changed the font in the comment section? I would love to change mine. Thanks girl........

  9. The only place I can tell is the feet of the cross stitch. I can't tell on the Bs.

    Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary this week!

    They are actually building a new house by us. They dug the basement before the ground froze, but they've been putting the brick on all last week. I don't think I'd want to move into a house that had the brick put on (or the concrete poured in the basement or garage for that matter) when it's under 20 degrees outside. They had fans blowing in that garage for weeks. They'll have to wait until spring for the driveway and sidewalk, and I don't know how long for landscaping. A while!

    I think your picture is that buffalo snow with Christmas lights in it. Maybe it was around a Christmas village with some trees or bushes placed in it.

  10. Hey Mama Bear...thanks for the encouragement over at the Gardener's Journal Stitch a long!!! And, Happy Anniversary to you both...Dzintra

  11. Ok........ a box wood with Christmas lights covered with snow! Great Picture!!!!!! Great..... So glad you told us........