Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Outdoor Wednesday

Saturday was such a beautiful day here with temperatures near 70 degrees. It was Dog Daze of Winter at our Botanical Garden where owners were allowed to walk designated sections of the Garden with their dogs. Daughter, the Princess, her friend Elizabeth, Wonder Boy, Honey Bear and I decided to take our walk there. Their dog's name is Yoshi. He is a rescued dog they've had almost a year.

I thought this looked like the Faerie swimming pool, just needed water.
 In this open area, owners were allowed to let their dogs off their leash. It was amazing how friendly and well behaved the dogs were.
 Not much was blooming in the garden other than Pansies but I discovered this. I also saw that Daffodils were poking up so it won't be long until they're blooming.
I hope you enjoyed this Outdoor Wednesday post. If you're interested, pay a visit to Susan and all the other participants.....or post your own and join in.


  1. Enjoyed your post and the pictures. Hugs

  2. So nice to see some things starting to grow.

  3. What a lovely day! Just love the fairy swimming pool! How sweet!

  4. Interesting place for this idea and I liked your pool idea for that tree root. . . I finally have a new post up.

  5. Nice post. Great photos.

    Thank you for the visit.

  6. Here I am, playing catch up with my bloggin' buddies again...seems like lately that is what I've been doing. We finished our Spring Cleaning yesterday. All done! Yay.

    Oh my gosh Mama Bear!!! I do so love your fairy swimming pool. And Yoshi is adorable. Fun, fun walk.

  7. Wow--temperatures near 70 sound so good! Enjoyed seeing your pictures.

  8. That Fairy swimming pool made me smile...... Have you seen any taking a dip yet? I do hope so... I think I need on in my back yard WHEN THE SNOW MELTS.......... hahahah One more storm headed our way and then by Friday temps in the 50's..... YEAH.......... I need to see something green in my back yard........

    Have a blessed Sunday....... (Praying)